Zero Motorcycles: Limited-Edition Quickstrike Package Revealed

The electric motorcycle specialist has come through with a series of limited-edition e-bikes. One for you sustainable motorbike enthusiasts out there.

Front View Of Zero Motorcycles Quickstrike
Zero Motorcycles has always had an eye for sophisticated bike-making © Credit to Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles’ flagship two-wheeler is getting a limited-edition makeover with the outlined Quickstrike series.

That’s right, the Santa-Cruz-based company will be modifying its SR/F electric motorbike alongside the SR/S.

“The transformational SR/F from Zero Motorcycles has already won every meaningful distinction that an electric motorcycle can be awarded. Acclaimed and celebrated by titans in the industry, this bike marked a significant milestone in the evolution of all motorcycles, electric or otherwise,” says Zero Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles Quickstrike Will you be purchasing one of these eco-friendly motorcycles? © Credit to Zero Motorcycles

“Zero is back to elevate this model to new heights with equipment inspired by the company’s factory race build from the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.”

The series will be limited to only 100 units total, which will increase the value of each individual ride over time, for sure, given what we’ve seen.

The modifications affect the look of the bikes more than anything else, adding the following to the Quickstrike bikes:

  • Black Aluminum Fly Screen
  • Smoked Lens LED Front Indicators
  • Smoked Lens LED Rear Indicators
  • Matte Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • Matte Carbon Fiber Rear Fender
  • Black Anodized Mirrors
  • Black Anodized Lever Guards
  • Swingarm Spools
  • Quickstrike Tank Badge
  • Quickstrike Lapel Pin

Price-wise, expect to pay an additional $999 on top of the base price ($21,495). It’s a somewhat expensive addition but will no doubt appeal to those who have already made the jump to an electric motorcycle.

The deal is available now for order at any Zero Motorcycles dealer worldwide.

Is this an electric motorbike you’ll be chasing? Or is the price of the additions too high for you. Leave us a comment below. We want your thoughts.

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