XPeng Expanding: Will Launch In Two European Countries This Year

Chinese startup XPeng is looking to preparing to launch its electric vehicles in more European countries following its 2020 Norway rollout.

XPeng launching in Europe,
Where will the automaker land next? The UK? Germany? France? © Credit to XPeng

XPeng, a company you might know from its potential on the stock market, is looking to expand its presence in Europe, by rolling into both Sweden and the Netherlands in the first quarter of 2022.

To accomplish this, XPeng will operate under a unique business model, one that combines direct stores alongside agency help. In other words, it’s combining its retail stores with its service network for a pincer-like approach.

Local partners will play a significant role here as more EVs roll out. Two local partners have already been announced in Emil Frey (the Netherlands) and Bilia (Sweden).

“XPENG’s Agency Retail agreement with Emil Frey Netherlands marks a major breakthrough for its European expansion. The tie-up is the first Agency Retail collaboration for XPENG in Europe, and is one of the first within the automotive industry.”

The first retail store in the Netherlands will open in March 2022, located in the Westfield Mal, near The Hague. In Sweden, the first retail experience store will open in Stockholm.

The Chinese automaker has some level of experience with launching in Europe, after entering Norway in 2020 — which is a typical starting point for many EV companies looking to enter the European market.

Currently, there isn’t a retail experience store in Norway, but you’d have to imagine one is coming. Moreover, in the press release announcing these moves, Denmark was also mentioned, although no official plans were mentioned just yet.

He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng, said the following on the announcement:

“Our global journey starts from Europe, propelled by our commitment to increase smart EV penetration. We strongly support the EV development strategy in Europe and are forging partnerships with top-tier local players to accelerate energy conservation, emission reduction and electrification in Europe.”

Expect to hear more from NIO and XPeng in the not so distant future when it comes to global expansion plans. Where would you like XPeng to open shop next? Leave us a comment below.

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