X Shore Continue To Make Waves With Funding Push

A Swedish company, known as ‘the Tesla of electric boats’, has received £13 million in funding backed by a dedicated group of investors with interest in developing markets.

Lukasz Gadowski of technology holding company Team Europe led the funding drive. Investors Navin Thukkaram (Bootcamp) and Marec Gasiun (Google) were also among the participants.

Success in the US

X Shore has made quite the splash in the US in a short amount of time after launching the Eelex 8000 last month, in an attempt to right the wrongs of pollution caused by years of antiquated design.

The Eelex 8000 itself is a triumph in modern design and innovation, with features that only promote the sustainable nature of the X Shore brand (i.e. flax fibre instead of fibreglass).

Other notable features found on the Eelex 8000 include:

  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Overboard detection
  • Premium speakers
  • Anti-theft systems

What now for X Shore?

Plans are to expand production and industrialise, using this round of financing to open a second factory in Stockholm. Expect to see more Eelex 8000’s docked when that happens.

“This funding affords X Shore the ability to take US boating electric, something that very few in the industry have been able to do on a large scale,” says Jenny Keisu, X Shore CEO.

The success in the States could cause a ripple effect that takes X Shore to new places. Could the UK be on X Shore’s radar?

Only time will tell.

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