Wisk Aero Receives $450 Million Funding Boost To Launch eVTOL

Wisk Aero has just received quite the boost in the funding department. The investment makes Wisk one of the most well-funded autonomous air mobility companies in the world, no small feat when you look at the other brands working on air taxis.

Cora eVTOL aircraft
Meet Cora, an electric VTOL aircraft from Wisk Aero © Credit to Wisk Aero

California-based electric aircraft company Wisk Aero, has just announced a massive boost to its flight plans. The company received a $450 million boost from The Boeing company, money that will go towards its Cora, an electric VTOL aircraft that fits that all-electric air taxi category.

Wisk is a joint venture between The Boeing Co. and Larry Page-backed Kitty Hawk Corp. Established in 2019, the company is one of the leading names in the ever-expanding world of vertical take-off and landing craft — otherwise known as drone taxis.

“Wisk is extremely well-positioned to deliver on our long-term strategy and commitment to safe, everyday flight for everyone… We are incredibly fortunate to have Boeing as not only an investor, (but also as) a strategic partner, which provides us with access to a breadth of resources, industry-leading expertise, a global reach, extensive certification experience, and more.”
— Gary Gysin, Wisk Aero CEO

The investment will go, not only towards Cora, but to the development of the company too – which includes preparing to launch scale manufacturing while expanding the number of employees tenfold.

“With this ($450 million) investment, we are reconfirming our belief in Wisk’s business and the importance of their work in pioneering all-electric, AI-driven, autonomous capability for the aerospace industry,” says Marc Allen, Chief Strategy Officer of Boeing.

Plans are to get type-certified with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as soon as possible, which certainly explains why Boeing would be generous with this boost to funding. Every funding round prior had been undisclosed when it came to the details.

This isn’t the first time an aircraft company has received a large chunk of money and it won’t be the last. Is this your first time seeing Cora? Let us know what you think about this eVTOL aircraft and drone taxis in general. We want your take, so leave a comment below.

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