Winners Of A £20m UK Research And Development Competition Announced

Today, the Transport Secretary has unveiled the winners of a research and development competition ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

  • A total of 62 projects were greenlit through this competition, all in the EV space.
  • The UK hopes these projects support charging in rural areas, buying secondhand and increase range.
  • Designs of nationwide charging points to be revealed at COP26.

The UK isn’t playing around when it comes to EV after announcing the winners of a £20 million research and development competition.

Many applied, but only 62 were awarded funding in a bid to revolutionise/innovate in light of the UK’s greater EV plans.

So, which projects are worth highlighting?

  • An onboard plug-in device that provides drivers with data on battery health which could improve the experience of buying a secondhand EV.
  • A zero-emission ambulance, fit with a hydrogen range extender designed from scratch.
  • One solar-powered refrigeration unit made for small commercial vehicles.
  • A kinetic battery with the power to provide a slight boost for using ultra-fast charging stations in rural areas.

As you can see, these projects strike at key areas, areas the UK believes “could unlock some of the biggest barriers to EV ownership” and beyond.

The secondhand EV market would definitely see a boost of sorts with an onboard plug-in device, that’s for sure.

“Not only will they propel us further towards our net-zero ambitions, but they will also help harness some of the brightest talent in the UK tech industry, encouraging businesses to become global leaders in EV innovation and creating jobs as we build back better.”
— Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary

Moreover, the Department of Transport has launched a project to find an “iconic British design for public charge points.”

The final design is set to be revealed at the climate summit in November.

The UK is going all out ahead of the upcoming COP26

For those unaware, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (or COP26) will be held in Glasgow starting November 1st to the 12th.

Governments from around the globe will meet to discuss greener alternatives with an emphasis on net-zero. As hosts of the event, the UK will be looking to make a big impression.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced the end of government support for fossil fuels overseas.

Furthermore, as reported yesterday, the UK gov is eager to establish at least one Gigafactory in the coming months.

According to the Financial Times, the government is speaking with six interested parties, including promising startup Britishvolt — aka the only one to make their plans public.

Could we hear something concrete at the COP26?

What would make an iconic charging point? And what do you think of the possibility of a zero-emission ambulance? Give us your thoughts on social media.

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