Which Is The Longest Range Electric Car?

Electric range is a vital component of every EV you look at; after all, some can travel further than others. And charging these vehicles isn’t as easy as filling it up with gas and driving away instantly.

Electric cars these days can travel in excess of 250 miles and above, which is more than enough for some buyers. Those that push past the 300-mile mark are a different class entirely. In fact, we could find ourselves in a situation where every electric car can hit a 300-mile range minimum in the next few years!

Current frontrunners in the longest range electric car race include the likes of Tesla and Ford — which should come as no surprise to avid EV spectators.

But you want to know what the longest-range electric car is, don’t you? The one car to outpace them all.

Don’t worry, here we’ll be looking at which electric car has the best range amongst other notable questions. Like, “what is the Tesla Model 3’s longest-range?” A viral question, despite there being a better Tesla out there range-wise.

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The Electric Car with the Longest Range is…

We’re going to cut straight to the chase and tell you what the longest range EV is.

No need for a drum roll, as you probably had an inkling already. The longest range electric car is the Tesla Model S, the Long Range version specifically.

Premium carmaker Tesla has a habit of holding records like this; then again, they are, arguably, the company that lit a match under the EV game, to begin with.

You’ll need to pay around £78,000 if you want to own the electric car with the longest range; a very steep price indeed.

So, how far can it go per charge? The Tesla Model S Long Range can travel 412 miles (estimated) total before needing some juice.

It’s a powerhouse of an electric car, running on a dual-motor/all-wheel-drive platform that pushes you that extra mile.

If you care more about performance, Tesla offers a quicker version of the Model S in the Plaid version. Only the mileage is slightly lower at 390. It’s not all bad, though, as this still pits the Model S against other electric cars with the longest range.

But yeah, Tesla is the king of the jungle when it comes to all-electric range. Expect a long reign.

The scary thing is, Tesla could make them better. And will make them better as time goes on.

But what about the range of the Model 3? Well, like the Model S Plaid, the Model 3 is just as efficient, falling short of the mark by 30 miles or so. Specifically, the Model 3 can travel 360 miles on a single charge, which is just as impressive given its a dual-motor, mid-size sedan.

© Credit to Ford

Another Long Range Electric Car: Ford Mustang Mach E

Rivalling the Model S, and outright matching the Plaid version, is Ford with their Mustang Mach E.

Basically, this electric car can travel 379 miles per charge, putting it in second place. You could argue it’s joint-first with the Model S, but we take Tesla for their word.

The Mustang Mach E is an all-electric SUV, whereas the Model S is a liftback sedan; that’s one of the main differences between the two. The Mach E might have elements of a muscle car, but we can assure you that isn’t the case at all.

Oh, and you’ll find no classic Ford badge on this electric car either. It, instead, features a somewhat stylised horse on the front, presumably a mustang? Has to be.

Price-wise, the Mustang Mach E is on the cheaper side, starting from £40,270, making it quite the steal as far as range is concerned, and that’s without highlighting the other benefits!

Electric SUVs offer a lot more boot space compared to other vehicles out there. In fact, the Mach E comes with 502 L of boot space when the seats are up, and 1,420 L with them down. This should be more than enough space for, say, cross country trips with the family.

Personal preference should always dictate which EV you choose at the end of the day. We’re just saying, the Mach E has something going on…

It might be overshadowed by the mighty Tesla, but it’s still a worthy vehicle to mention in a post about finding the longest-range electric car.

Second place still nets you a medal.

Long Range Electric Cars Ranked By Miles

When talking about which electric car has the best range, many worthy contenders fall by the wayside, despite how impressive some vehicles are.

For every iPhone, there is always a Blackberry or Android. All serve their purpose and offer something unique to potential buyers.

Not every electric car has to have the Tesla stamp of approval, you know. Most only care about the longest-range electric car when so many carmakers have more than earned your attention.

Those with range anxiety, consider this a form of therapy. Take a look at the top 10 long range electric cars ranked:

  • 1. Tesla Model S: 412 Miles
  • 2. Ford Mustang Mach E: 379 Miles
  • 3. Tesla Model 3: 360 Miles
  • 4. Tesla Model X: 348 Miles
  • 5. VW ID3: 336 Miles
  • 6. Skoda Enyaq iV: 316 Miles
  • 7. Hyundai e-Kona: 300 Miles
  • 8. Jaguar i-Pace: 292 Miles
  • 9. Polestar 2: 292 Miles
  • 10. Porsche Taycan 4S: 288 Miles
  • As you can see, Tesla has a decent foothold over the longest range electric car title. Their Model S, Model 3 and Model X occupy the top spots. Every other automaker is playing catchup, but it’s not like they’re trailing behind by hundreds of miles.

    To give you an idea of how unique each long-range electric is, we’ve decided to grab three at random from the list above that don’t have the word Tesla in it.

    VW ID3

    Released: 2021
    Range (Miles): 340

    Volkswagen’s ID3 has made quite the stir since it arrived on the EV scene. The ID3 is a five-door, five-seat hatchback — the kind you want around for sustainability reasons.

    Many compare it to the Golf, but that’s selling it short. Volkswagen has crafted something spacious with the stamina of like 20 Mo Farah’s or so (do the math).

    The electric range of the VW ID3 has helped push it to the forefront. It’s capable of travelling 340 miles between charges, which is nothing to scoff about. It’s an everyday vehicle with a lot of power — the 77 kWh battery undoubtedly plays a part in that.

    Hyundai e-Kona

    Released: 2018
    Range (Miles): 300

    What can we say about the Hyundai e-Kona that hasn’t been touched on by multiple positive reviews? This long-range electric car can push up to the 300-mile mark. What’s more impressive is the fact that this electric car has been out since 2018, and yet it still competes with other EVs mentioned.

    This car leaves its rivals in the dust. The Renault Zoe and Peugeot e-208 can’t compete with the electric range of the e-Kona. It comes with a 64 kWh battery, and in the UK, has a very low price point (£27.950).

    Moreover, it’s the perfect electric car for tech enthusiasts, complete with wireless charging, a KRELL premium sound system, heated seats and remote climate settings.

    Not bad for how little you pay for a long-range electric car like this.

    Polestar 2

    Released: 2021
    Range (Miles): 292

    The 9th entry on our top 10 list of long-range electric cars, meet the Polestar 2. It’s chunky-looking, yet streamlined — made to tackle any location, both urban and beyond.

    Right now, you can order one of three versions of the Polestar 2. The long-range single motor version is the one you want if you care about mileage; go figure. What is the range of an electric car like this? You can travel 292 miles in the Polestar 2 before needing to stop for some juice.

    Deliveries of this long-range EV are expected in the summer of this year.

    Will you be buying one? It’s certainly on our radar.

    Why Range is Important to Electric Cars

    Every car, be it electric or petrol-powered, is built to take you places.

    How far you travel will be exclusive to you and your own situation, although you do stray from your standard path every now and then.

    After all, car owners tend to go on holidays, or, perhaps, travel to a relatives home on the other side of the country — maybe, the world. This is why, if you’re looking at buying an EV, you should look at the electric car with the longest range.

    With any electric car, you’re judging range based on the power of each charge. Lithium-ion batteries found in these vehicles are very strong but will differ from car brand to car brand in terms of mileage.

    Know that some are stronger than others, with elite vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Ford Mustang Mach E leading the group as the electric cars with the longest range.

    Prices tend to be a lot higher in these vehicles; some aren’t even out yet and are simply estimates.

    The proposed Audi A6 e-tron, for example, uses two electric motors, complete with an 800-volt charging capability. In other words, it could travel up to 400 miles on a single charge.

    Knowing your vehicle can hit its mark is calming in a sense, as you don’t have to worry about finding a charging station more frequently.

    Although if you own a PHEV, you don’t have to worry about charging all that much.

    PHEVs Range Vs All-Electric Car Range

    Plug-in electric hybrids, or PHEVs, are a different case entirely when it comes to finding the longest-range electric car.

    Hybrids are only part electric, meaning they can run on standard fuel and a battery. Electric range is a lot lower in comparison, capping out at around 35 miles on average.

    Think of it like this: the electric battery is there to act as a booster of sorts, allowing drivers to traverse inner-cities emitting fewer carbon emissions before switching to standard fuel when out on country roads.

    All-electric cars, on the other hand, offer better range because they have to. Without a decent sized range, you’d be, essentially, driving around in an expensive toy; these vehicles need to be practical.

    If you care about carbon emissions, then avoiding PHEVs might be a good idea. However, as we said in our guide on buying an electric car now vs later, PHEVs are a lot more reliable at the moment.

    What is a Good Range for an Electric Car?

    This is quite a popular question, what with EVs taking over the automotive market and all.

    Again, there isn’t one blanket answer for this sort of question, as it really depends on where you’re planning on going and how often you’d make trips of that size.

    Some of you reading this might live in the middle of nowhere, thus justifying owning an electric car with the longest range. For people who live in a city and work in the city, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Here’s a great analogy for you: we all want to own a mobile phone with a tonne of functionality, but how often do you use certain apps/tools on there?

    Now, apply that to electric cars. Just because an electric car can travel great distances doesn’t make it a great fit if you don’t travel great distances, to begin with.

    Consider this a reality check.

    Most drivers can get away with owning an electric car that can hit around 110 miles before needing to recharge — like the Mini Cooper Electric. This is an ideal choice for eco-aware drivers looking for a sustainable ride to get them to and from work.

    Long-range electric vehicles require a longer charge most of the time, too. Yes, having a better charger can increase this time tenfold. Still, you’ll rarely get it charged under an hour — unless you want to do lasting damage to the battery.

    Why Choose an Electric Car with a Longer Range?

    Knowing you have the power to get places can encourage confident driving, depending on who’s behind the wheel. We won’t lie; some outstanding benefits come with owning a long-range EV, as you can imagine.

    It’s an obvious statement, but we’ll say it anyway. Electric cars with the longest range can cover complete round trips. For example, say you work somewhere that’s 75 miles away.

    Knowing your electric car can travel at least 250 miles is reassuring as it means you don’t have to charge it at work or stop off at a charging station. In other words, you go to and from work on the same charge.

    Even if you complete single trips and charge on the way back, you’re still travelling pretty far.

    Think about it. The distance between London to Manchester is 208 miles — Brussels to Paris? 194 miles. Some of the electric cars shown can travel over 300 miles on a single charge, making them a fantastic option for nationwide or country-to-country travel.

    Moreover, according to CAD, cold weather can affect range in a bad way. They tested a 2018 Chevrolet Volt EV and found that it only travelled 140 miles in the cold, which was drastically lower than other seasons.

    If you live somewhere cold, it might be a good idea to find a longer range electric car, just to be on the safe side. This is something you might not consider when looking at the range of some electric cars.

    In Short: What is the Longest Range Electric Car?

    We can understand why someone would want to know which electric car has the best range, but not everyone can afford a Tesla Model S. Hopefully, you understand that max range only applies to certain people, and that there’s power in owning an EV with a max range of 250 miles or below.

    Even if you have to stop and charge your electric car at points, you still have the power to traverse multiple counties in one continuous stride. Besides, new charging stations are popping up here, there and everywhere anyway; it’s not like you’ll have to stray too far for a simple top-up.

    In a way, you have multiple choices when it comes to the longest range electric car, depending on your perspective, of course.

    It’s a cop-out answer, we know, but how many of you will travel far enough to be able to tell the difference?

    Longest Range Electric Car FAQs

    EV range will always be an interesting topic of conversation. Still have questions when it comes to the longest range electric cars? No problem. In this section, we’ll be covering your frequently asked questions.

    Which electric car has the best range?

    As it stands, the Tesla Model S is the longest range electric car, recording a whopping 412 miles per charge. The Ford Mustang Mach E takes the silver medal with 379 miles, which is also the range of the Plaid version of the Model S.

    What is the longest range of the Tesla Model 3?

    The Tesla Model 3 can travel 360 miles per charge. Above, we put it in third place in the top 10 long-range electric cars ranked.

    Like the Model S, multiple versions of the Model 3 are available. The Standard Plus version can only travel 278 miles. The Performance falls just short of its Long Range counterpart with 352 miles.

    What does WLTP mean?

    WLTP stands for Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure and is how electric cars companies can confirm specific stats surrounding their vehicles, including range. This procedure aims to assist buyers in making informed decisions, similar to the NEDC before it.

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