Where To Find The Best Electric Transport Shops In The UK

UK residents, have you ever stopped to wonder how many electric transport shops there are close to you? Because there’s actually quite a lot — depending on your postcode, of course.

Now, when we say electric transport, this can mean multiple types of EVs. People instantly think of electric cars, which is always to be expected. Still, more and more electric bike stores have appeared in recent years, with new locations popping up every other day, it seems.

Most of the stores we’re going to cover here in our guide of “Where to Find the Best Electric Transport Shops in the UK” aren’t tied to electric vehicles only. They’ll sell standard, non-electric versions alongside the battery-powered ones.

This is definitely the case with car dealerships; unless you visit one of Tesla’s UK stores. Their line up features nothing but all-electric vehicles; you know, the expensive kind.

Electric transport shops are easily the best way of getting in on the ground floor if you have no prior knowledge of EV but want to know more. Visit a store for yourself, ask questions, get a feel for what’s available, and just generally immerse yourself in the EV space; you’ll see.

EV as a whole is growing, so it makes sense that these locations are meeting demand head-on. Consider this a guide of sorts, one that will point you in all the right directions. Helping you find a worthwhile electric transport shop is our goal — alongside highlighting the benefits of in-person experiences vs online browsing.

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Where can I find an electric transport stores near me?

It’s a no brainer, really; you can find the majority of electric transport stores using the internet. A simple “local electric transport stores near me” Google search will display multiple options for you there and then.

You can take it a step further and visit sites like eBikeTips, ElectricBikeStore, or ElectricCarHome to get a feel for dealerships/stores close to you. Most come with a map that shows you just how many EV stores there are in the UK. These sites link to local stores directly, they also display relevant info, info like:

  • A contact number for the store.
  • The address of the electric transport shop.
  • What brands they sell.

Many stores will list their entire inventory online, which is, obviously, a great benefit to you as a potential customer. For example, say you have your eye on a Ridgeback Arcus 1 Hybrid e-bike. A simple online search can tell you a) if that bike is sold at a particular store and b) if it’s in stock.

We’ll break down other benefits of visiting electric transport stores physically in a later section, so stay tuned.

Yell is another great option as it allows you to search for cycle shops within specific locations. Moreover, the site is full of user reviews, letting you decide if a store is worth visiting or not. Reviews tend to vary from store to store, but all are pretty descriptive, logging both positive and negative experiences.

Electric Bike Stores in the UK

Who said you had to go to established locations like Halfords to enter the future? Try to think openly when we say electric transport shops; limiting yourself to one or two stores just seems so pointless to us. Expand your horizons, shop around a little — support local businesses — look at multiple stores, and you could find the e-bike of your dreams.

You might actually find the e-scooter of your dreams, too, as these sites tend to offer a range of electric-powered rides. To prove how simple it is to find an electric bike store near you, we’ve chosen a handful to share with you.

You’ll find a mix of grassroots stores and franchises, again, to emphasise how many options you have these days. Know that we haven’t been contacted by any of these stores to include them in this list; we’re simply proving a point.


Where? Glasgow, SC
Postcode: G11 6RB
Website: love-ebikes.co.uk

The first e-bike store on our list is an independent store in Scotland with over 40 electric bikes to choose from. These guys hand-pick every bike they sell based on how well they perform. You’ll find a mix of trekking, folding and ecargo bikes.

Every bike in their inventory is fitted with Bosch e-bike systems that ensure quality each time. Furthermore, they are the only e-bike store in Scotland selling rides from the Riese & Müller range; a testament to their dedication.

Scott Davidson, a former BMX champion, is the owner of Love-ebikes, and has years of experience in the bike distribution industry. He’s someone who saw the growing demand for e-bikes, and look at him now. Be sure to pay them a visit if you ever find yourself in Glasgow.

CJ Performance Cycles

Where? Newcastle, UK
Postcode: NE6 2YN
Website: cjperformancecycles.com

In the North East, you have various stores to choose from, although most are franchises with multiple locations to choose from. CJ Performance Cycles is a grassroots store, specialising in all types of electric bikes and accessories; electric scooters too.

They originally opened their doors in February of 2010 and would later open a second location in Byker in 2015. Fast-forward to 2021, and CJ Performance Cycles now operate out of a bigger spot in Cramlington.

This is a family-ran business, operated by father and son (Mark Jenkins and Chris Jenkins). Brands you can find at this store include Cube, Volt, Ridgeback and many more. Looking for a decent hybrid bike or e-bike up north? Choose CJ Performance Cycles.


Where? Leeds, UK
Postcode: LS13 4EN
Website: lifecyclesleeds.co.uk

Leeds has always been quite open to new ideas, so it comes as no surprise that multiple green bike stores operate out of the Dales. LifeCycles is the only bike shop in Leeds situated on what is known as “the Leeds Cycle Superhighway,” which tells you a lot instantly!

Like CJ Performance Cycles in Newcastle, this bike store has everything you could ever need and more. You have a lot of Ridgeback e-bikes to choose from at LifeCycles, some priced at £3,000 and higher. Definitely check out the Ridgeback Electron Urban bike for a cheaper ride.

The site promises more products regularly, so it pays to keep refreshing the site. Another option would be to pay them a visit every once in a while.

Pure Electric

Where? Manchester, UK
Postcode: M1 3AN
Website: purelectric.com

We thought we’d include at least one franchise on this list. Unlike many bike stores, Pure Electric focuses on electric rides only — electric bikes and e-scooters, to be specific.

Pure Electric has over a dozen stores across the UK, with locations in Glasgow, Gateshead, Liverpool, Birmingham and Southampton, to name but a few. Moreover, they sell bikes/scooters across parts of Europe, in France, Spain and Belgium.

They claim to be “UK’s leading specialist electric scooter and electric bike retailer, stocking market-leading ranges of e-scooters, e-bikes and accessories,” and we believe them. Their showrooms are full of the best e-bikes available right now, alongside in-house repair centres to keep you going.

Giant Store Liverpool

Where? Liverpool, UK
Postcode: L8 5RN
Website: giant-liverpool.co.uk

Spoiler alert, no giants live at Giant Store Liverpool, but their selection of electric bikes is pretty impressive; some would say gigantic. In fact, Giant Store Liverpool have their own range of motors, allowing you to customise your ride based on wants/needs.

All three motors offer something different. Take the Giant SyncDrive Life, for example. This motor is perfect for general day-to-day e-bikes, whereas the Giant SyncDrive Pro is built for maximum performance. Head over to their site; take a look for yourself.

Electric transport shops like Giant Store Liverpool go the extra mile. Owners of Giant Store Liverpool are all cyclists at heart, which explains why their e-bike motors are so effective. They currently operate out of a listed warehouse on Parliament Street.

The Electric Bike Shop

Where? Bristol, UK
Postcode: BS6 7SL
Website: theelectricbikeshop.co.uk

Like Pure Electric, The Electric Bike Shop has multiple locations to pick and choose from, but their Bristol location is something else. Here you can buy electric mountain bikes, leisure/commuting e-bikes, and everything in-between.

The Electric Bike Shop is one of the more diverse electric transport shops we’ve come across. At The Electric Bike Shop, you can buy e-bikes from Babboe, Cube, Gocycle, Haibike, Lapierre, Mondraker, Moustache, Raleigh, Scott and Tern; that’s a lot of brands!

Every purchase is professionally assembled and inspired by in-store technicians. They make sure that buyers understand their e-bikes completely before they leave the store. Not a lot of electric bike stores provides this level of detail.

Fully Charged

Where? London, UK
Postcode: SE1 3JW
Website: fullycharged.com

We couldn’t have a list of electric transport stores without mentioning one from the capital. Fully Charged began as a small popup in Old Street station back in 2014 and quickly became one of London’s premium electric bike retailers.

So, how many electric bike brands do they have listed? Quite a few, to be honest: At Fully Charged, you can buy bikes from the likes of Gocycle, Coboc, Butchers & Bicycles, Urban Arrow, Moustache, Riese & Müller, Vintage Electric, KTM and Tern.

Moreover, every e-bike bought at Fully Charged Coes with a 2-year warranty and a six-week health check, ensuring your e-bike is up to snuff before taking to the streets. It’s a great alternative to riding the tube, according to the about section on their site.

Electric Car Dealerships in the UK

Okay, so we know there’s plenty of e-bike stores out there, but what about electric car showrooms? After all, these stores require a lot more space to display vehicles.

Turns out there’s probably a lot more electric car showrooms than e-bike stores. Why? Because a lot of established manufacturers like Nissan, Kia and Renault have locations everywhere. And they all offer a mix of vehicles that, now, includes some sustainable options.

You need only find your local Nissan, Kia or Renault dealership to find a range of EVs, both used and new. Every major manufacturer will have a store-locator on site. Simply enter your postcode in the appropriate search bar and go from there.

Every region in the UK will have the same list of automakers. Not sure which to check out first? Here, we’ll give you a few ideas (all cars mentioned are available right now):

  • Audi: e-tron
  • Citreon: C-Zero
  • Hyundai: Kona Electric
  • Mercedes: EQC-400
  • Peugeot: e-208
  • Skoda: Enyaq iV
  • Vauxhaul: e-Golf

Know that some electric car companies are working on all-electric vehicles. Still, the majority of what you’ll be looking at will be PHEVs — otherwise known as plug-in hybrids. You are limited when it comes to all-electric dealerships unless you seek out a Tesla dealership.

Tesla Stores

Where? Various Locations
Postcode: N/A
Website: tesla.com

Looking for a guaranteed all-electric option? Visit a Tesla store. Some of you reading this might be surprised at how many Tesla stores there are in the UK, given that they’re an American company with some pretty expensive vehicles.

Visiting a Tesla store is somewhat of an education (a good thing), an opportunity to ask questions unique to you and your own specifications. They’ll walk you through every aspect of the Tesla you have your eye on. You should take full advantage of your time here (we’ll explain more why later).

They’re expensive, yes, but they’re unlike any other electric car there is. They’re also ahead of the curve in many ways, with every other carmaker playing catch-up. You should 100% visit a Tesla store if you can afford one. After all, you’re paying a lot for one, so why wouldn’t you want to see it in action and maybe get a test drive first?

What are the benefits of visiting an electric transport shop?

Yes, we know, buying online is a much easier option, as it allows you to scroll through countless pages to find what you’re looking for, perhaps, at a lower price. Online sites have crushed various local stores in recent years, mostly outside of the EV space, but still.

By all means, use the internet to scout electric transport stores and maybe browse their inventory, but try visiting every once in a while. When you enter an electric transport shop, you get a completely different experience. You can also learn a hell of a lot more by being there live and in-person.

Still on the fence about it all? No problem. Here’s a quick summary of the benefits you get by visiting your local electric transport shop:

  • You can evaluate vehicles a lot easier.
  • Buyers can ask tailored questions to workers.
  • People can buy accessories/tools right there and then.
  • You gain a sense of community, alongside fellow EV heads.

A sense of community, be it local or on a national scale, helps the EV market grow, especially in the United Kingdom. In other words, the internet limits your ability to hold a conversation with someone or ask specific questions tailored to your requirements.

Furthermore, we find that seeing the price of, say, an electric bike doesn’t feel nearly as steep when you can see it in person, and you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Let’s face it, EV buyers are indecisive as hell. The chances of you following through and actually buying something drastically increases when you can try it out for yourself and see it in the real world. Most product images don’t do these vehicles justice.

Tip: Take Your Time to Evaluate Certain Vehicles

One of the main benefits of visiting an electric transport store in person is the fact that you can assess vehicles in person. Like we said in our guide for buying used/second-hand electric cars: always visit a dealership in person if you’re not buying new, as pictures can be deceiving.

It doesn’t matter how accessible online sources are; going to a car dealership physically is a lot more effective at highlighting the positives/negatives of certain vehicles.

Take your time when there; that’s the golden rule regardless of what store you’re in. Ask questions; that’s what dealers are there for. And if you’re allowed to take the vehicle for a spin, even better.

Prepare yourself, as electric cars come with better acceleration and are incredibly quiet. It can take some getting used to, so try not to judge right off the bat. What’s the saying, oh yeah, don’t judge a book by its cover; and don’t judge an electric vehicle based on one drive alone.

What questions should I ask at a car dealership? Ask the following — they’re easily the most important:

  • How many miles can I get out of each charge?
  • Does it come with a warranty? If so, how long does it cover me for?
  • How long does it take to charge fully? And what chargers does it work with?
  • How long will the battery last normally before I need a replacement?

In Short: Where to Find the Best Electric Transport Shops in the UK

Electric transport shops are easily the best way of getting in on the ground floor if you have no prior knowledge of EV but want to know more. Visit a store for yourself, ask questions, get a feel for what’s available, and just generally immerse yourself in the EV space; you’ll see.

You can learn more about the electric transport industry by checking out our ultimate guide.

You learn something new every time you enter an electric transport shop, whether you know it or not. It’s true, major cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool have more stores, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel far to find your local. One quick search on Yell will tell you that.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two, or at least have a better idea of where to find EV stores close to you. Expect more stores to open in the next few years, especially electric car dealerships that aren’t tied to big carmakers directly.

The UK government’s 2030 green plans will only increase the number of EV stores you see out in the open; trust us. More stores equal more options, which is never a bad thing for an aspiring electric vehicle customer.

Do you have a personal favourite electric transport shop? Tell us all about it on social media.

Electric Transport Shop FAQs

Something not clear enough, or require a quick reminder of something covered above? In this final section, we’ll be covering your frequently asked questions regarding electric transport stores in the UK. We’ll be summarising a few points, alongside answering some additional questions.

How do I buy an electric car?

Buying an electric car is incredibly easy. You can visit a car dealership or order online. If you buy an electric car online, you can have your vehicle delivered — normally at a fee. How much you pay depends on the automaker in question.

Does Tesla have dealerships in the UK?

Yes, the mighty Tesla has over a dozen stores and service locations across the UK, all accessible to you right now. Here you can browse their latest models, speak to experts, and so much more. You might be able to test one out while you’re there!

How can I find electric transport stores near me?

The internet is a great place to discover EV stores close to your current location. Googling “electric transport shops near me” will yield multiple results. Another option would be to use sites like ElectricCarHome and eBikeTips, as they list a wide selection of stores up and down the country.

Why aren’t there any electric scooters stores?

Private e-scooters are actually banned in the UK (unless you’re on your own property); it’s why you don’t see a lot of stores right now. Segways fall into the same category.

Electric scooter rentals are perfectly legal, but some companies, like Neuron Mobility, ask that you have a drivers license to rent them for the day. Some e-bike stores might sell scooters; we know Halfords does.

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