WEVC Building Commercial EVs In The UK From 2023

Cornwall-based startup Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) has outlined plans to build the ‘next-generation’ of commercial vehicles.

Electric Van Concept
A rough sketch of the firm’s electric van © Credit to WEVC

Cornwall-based EV startup Watt Electric Vehicle Company has just revealed plans to build 5,000 commercial vehicles a year from 2023 onwards.

Vehicles will run on a new platform known as the ‘Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES).’ We’ve known about this platform for quite some time, ever since the firm revealed its electric Coupe.

“As electrification of the sector only accelerates, what these companies need is a ready-to-go, sophisticated yet cost-effective EV platform on which to build their vehicles. That’s Watt Electric Vehicle Company’s Paces architecture.”
— Neil Yates, Founder of Watt Electric Vehicle Company

This platform appears to be universal, as it will be used as the centrepiece for a wide range of last-mile vans, trucks and even buses. All customisable with varying bodystyles to fit the task at hand.

The commercial vehicles made by WEVC will weigh as little as possible, and will actually have its battery sewn into the structure of the vehicle itself.

WECV Electric Semi-Truck An electric semi in the works? © Credit to WEVC

“With ever-increasing pressure on urban emissions, coupled with the growth in home delivery, we’ve been approached by multiple commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators who are in desperate need of developing the next generation of electric vans, trucks and buses,” said WEVC founder Neil Yates.

Expect to see an initial prototype of the outlined van very soon. As early as the first quarter of 2022, according to the company.

The prices of these commercial vehicles have yet to be revealed. We’ll have a better idea of how much these vehicles will cost once we learn more.

WEVC plans to craft these EVs at its new facility located in the Midlands. It will look to bring production from the third quarter of 2023. That same year, WEVC wants to open a second location, focusing on low-volume production of its sports cars/passenger vehicles.

The commercial lane is adding more EVs by the day. If it’s not Rivian or Arrival making the news, it’s smaller startups like WEVC. Tell us what you think of these renders in the comments below.

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