Wallbox Introduces Its Hypernova Ultra-Rapid Charging Column

Wallbox, known mostly for its expansive range of home chargers, has come through with a public-charging powerhouse. It’s the first ultra-rapid station made by the company.

Wallbox Hypernova Charging Station
The Hypernova is the companies fastest and “most sophisticated public charging station yet” © Credit to Wallbox

Home charging is one thing, but ultra-fast public charging is something else.

Wallbox, one of the leading names in the home EV charging market, just unveiled its Hypernova column, an ultra-fast public charging unit capable of charging certain EVs in under 15 minutes.

The charging unit was revealed at the IAA Mobility show in Munich, where a display version of the Hypernova currently stands.

“Our focus in building this suite of public charging solutions has been to help charge point operators increase their revenue while reducing maintenance costs and providing future-proof solutions,” said Eduard Castañeda, CPO and co-founder of Wallbox.

“This, combined with the customer focus we put into all our charging solutions ensures that our public chargers serve both our partners and the EV drivers who will use them day to day.”

Unlike other high-powered charging, the Hypernova offers only one charge point per column, which does have its limitations. Still, Wallbox appears confident that the unit can beat out other ultra-charging columns.

These stations will support multiple payment types, too, with worldwide acceptance meaning anyone can use them.

This Hypernova is in many ways an evolution of sorts when compared to the Supernova (a fast-charging station revealed last year).

The latter features a charging speed of up to 65kW and will enter series production later this year. Hypernova, on the other hand, can deliver up to 350kW and will enter the market in 2022 should everything go to plan.

Wallbox has yet to share pricing for the Hypernova at this time.

There’s a reason why Wallbox is considered ahead of the game when it comes to EV charging. This Hypernova column will make a fine addition to its lineup. What do you think?

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