VW ID.Buzz Electric Microbus Set For March Reveal

According to reports, Volkswagen will reveal a production-ready version of its ID.Buzz electric microbus very soon. Original concepts for the vehicle go all the way back to 2017.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric microbus
We’re getting closer and closer to the reveal of VWs highly-anticipated electric van © Credit to Volkswagen

Remember that electric van Volkswagen was working on, the one that was initially revealed years ago in concepts? Well, according to reports, a production-ready version of the ID.Buzz Microbus will soon be revealed.

March 9 is the planned reveal date, with the vehicle expected to copy the prototype version shown in November (the Europe version). The US version — one that is set to launch in 2023 — will be altered slightly, sporting a longer wheelbase.

The European version is said to deliver 201 hp and 229 feet of torque, which actually matches the single motor ID.4. VW says this version will provide five-seats, while the US version is expected to be a six, even seven-seater.

In January, VW teased the ID.Buzz, showcasing it with a very bizarre (in a good way) colour scheme, which, again, links back to the ID.4 which was shown in a similar way back in its prototype version.

Here’s a quick look at the electric van in action:

VW initially revealed the ID.Buzz back in 2017, at the Detroit Auto Show from that year.

Needless to say, its look has changed significantly between now and then, looking and feeling a lot more refined in its current state given what we’ve seen either officially or unofficially via spy shots.

Volkswagen’s current lineup of EVs are some of the very best the market currently has to offer. But what do you make of the ID.Buzz? Is it a vehicle you yourself would own? Leave a comment down below.

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