Volvo To Get Ahead Of The Competition With All-Electric US Plant

Volvo will beat out other companies with plans to produce only electric cars at its factory in South Carolina.

  • CEO Hakan Samuelsson implied that the factory would be the first to build all-electric cars.
  • The current plan is to transition all Volvo factories by 2030.
  • The South Carolina factory will be an export hub for an electric Volvo XC90.

Volvo is looking to be the first automaker running all-electric cars out of its South Carolina factory, hitting a significant milestone before Europe and China.

We know this because Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson was very vocal about this milestone in an interview with Automotive News. While he never uttered the words directly, the implication that Volvo would push ahead of its peers was felt.

Furthermore, we know through Green Car Reports that the current plan is to have Volvo factories transition to EVs by 2030, thanks to Volvo spokesperson Russell Datz.

According to reports, the South Carolina factory will serve as an export hub for a new electric version of the Volvo XC90 SUV.

The XC90, and other planned EVs, will use the same developed platform, the same platform that was initially designed for combustion engine types before adapted to fit electric models.

In terms of future models, Volvo is looking to release an electric XC60 SUV in 2024.

Volvo recently announced a new partnership alongside Northvolt that will see the two parties run a gigafactory in 2026. Needless to say, Volvo is going all-in with electric.

E4TP Says

Should this factory prove successful, we could easily see the XC90 receiving the biggest push possible right from the jump, perhaps leading to better sales.

Fans of the Swedish automaker should be rather familiar with the standard version of the XC90. For those not in the know, it’s a mid-sized luxury sedan with a very distinct look/history.

The first generation of XC90s hit the road in the early 00s and look at them now — on the verge of a sleek electric upgrade.

A plant dedicated to only EVs is a sign of the times. Expect more companies to follow suit soon.

However, whether or not they’ll be first out of the gate is another question entirely. They could be over-exaggerating — still riding high from an EV pledge made in March.

What’s your take on this South Carolina factory being the first to produce all-electric vehicles? Give us your thoughts on social media.

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