Volvo Car Group And Northvolt Announce Exciting New Partnership/Plan

The strategic partnership will cover battery cells and could lead to an established manufacturing plant in Sweden.

  • The goal is to jointly develop/produce the next generation of Volvo/Polestar EVs.
  • Step one will involve establishing a research and development facility in Sweden.
  • In 2026, the two will hope to run a gigafactory producing up to 50 GWh of cells annually.

Volvo Car Group and Northvolt have come together to announce a strategic partnership that will see them work on battery cell development via battery supply/production.

The goal? To jointly develop/produce the next generation of all-electric Volvo/Polestar vehicles through sustainable means.

The partnership itself forms a multiple-step plan for both companies. Step one involves establishing an optimised research and development facility to build “state-of-the-art battery cells and vehicle integration technologies, specifically developed for use in Volvo and Polestar cars.”

Operations are scheduled to begin in 2022 to give you an idea of the timeframe.

After that, the two will supply 15 GWh battery cells annually starting in 2024. According to the announcement, these batteries will be produced in Sweden at Northvolt’s Ett battery plant.

And here comes the best part. Volvo Car Group and Northvolt hope to run a gigafactory producing up to 50 GWh of cells annually. They’d do this in 2026 with the factory situated somewhere in Europe.

“By working with Northvolt we will secure a supply of high-quality, more sustainable battery cells for our pure electric cars. Working closely with Northvolt will also allow us to strengthen our in-house development capabilities.”
— Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive at Volvo Car Group

Moreover, “the new gigafactory, planned to be powered by 100 per cent clean energy, is expected to employ around 3,000 people. The location of the new plant is yet to be decided.”

We’ve done the math, and this plant, coupled with the 15GWh supply chain, would give us a total of 65 GWh — which is enough to build up to 650,000 electric cars using a 100 kWh battery pack.

Battery cell development is an ever-growing field with many looking on in anticipation. Should this venture be successful, Volvo will find itself in a great position and able to meet the anticipated demand.

Gigafactories, in general, are a major talking point in countries like the UK.

The UK Gov wants at least one gigafactory in the country and are said to be in talks with multiple interested parties.

Volvo having access to a gigafactory would only strengthen its grip on the EV space. But what do you think? Give us your thoughts on social media.

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