Vision Marine Technologies Is Taking Pre-Orders For An Electric Outboard Motor

Hailed as the “world’s most powerful electric outboard,” the E-Motion 180 turns any boat into an electric powerhouse.

  • The E-Motion 180 is a 650-volt electric outboard motor.
  • Vision Marine Technologies is expecting major interest from buyers.
  • You can pre-order the E-Motion 180E today with deliveries expected to roll out later this year.

You can turn any boat (within reason) into an electric boat using the E-Motion 180 outboard motor, a motor that is about to take the maritime industry by storm.

The E-Motion 180 can propel boats up to 60mph thanks to its 650-volt electric outboard motor. It’s an impressive outboard and the “world’s most powerful electric outboard,” according to Quebec-based company Vision Marine Technologies (VMT).

Did you know that VMT is the first electric boat company listed on the Nasdaq? They’re, arguably, one of the very best electric boat companies around, and with good reason.

Celebrities like Drake, Robert De Niro and eco-activist Greta Thunberg have all been seen sporting VMT tech in the past.

The VMT website has already crashed earlier this month because of the E-Motion 180. CEO Alex Mongeon told Forbes: “We never thought that we would have so much interest worldwide… Our website received 100 times more traffic than a normal day.”

The benefits of the E-Motion 180 sound incredible

Boat owners should be lining up in droves to get their hands on the E-Motion 180. After all, it can attach itself to most boats (as long as it uses a 180-horsepower outboard currently).

Future versions of the E-Motion 180 could be more powerful, which is scary to think about (the good kind).

So, how much is it? The complete package sells for $79,000, this includes:

  • The 650-volt electric motor
  • A 60kW lithium battery
  • A 220V marine connecting charger
  • An optimised monitor
  • And a warranty that lasts for 2-years

For those that don’t know, electric engines are a lot easier to maintain than their standard counterpart.

“Our E-Motion uses electricity and does not emit any exhaust gases, etc. Also, electric outboard engines need approximately 90% less engine maintenance than ICE-powered outboards and last significantly longer before a major overhaul is required,” says Mongeon.

It’s also noiseless, meaning you can hold a clear conversation with a fellow rider as you travel over water.

Pre-orders are available now, with an expected delivery date later in the year. VMT will be expected a lot of interest when it finally takes to the high seas.

We’ll be watching closely, that’s for sure.

You can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see VMT and the E-Motion 180 at many boat shows in the coming months. Will you be pre-ordering the outlined outboard motor?

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