Vauxhall Offers 30,000 Miles Of Free EV Charging

Vauxhall is extending its 30,000 miles offer to other electric vehicles in the lineup. Great news for potential buyers looking at Vauxhalls EV options.

Vauxhall Steering Wheel
A deal like this should increase the sales of multiple Vauxhall EVs

British carmaker, Vauxhall, has extended its unique offer to other electric vehicles in its catalogue.

That’s right. Vauxhall is offering 30,000 miles worth of free home charging for new car/van buyers who choose to take the electric pledge via an exclusive tariff with British Gas.

The deal covers drivers for the equivalent of 30,000 miles of charging at home over a three-year period. Giving drivers lower-cost electricity with an off-peak rate between 12:00am, and 5:00am. This makes it a lot cheaper for owners of Vauxhall EVs to charge their rides overnight.

Furthermore, Vauxhall is throwing in a free Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charging unit to those with off-street parking. British Gas will also install the kit for you.

“We’re very happy to announce that our offer of 30,000 free miles of electricity has now been extended to a number of other Vauxhall models, including the new Mokka-e as well as the Combo-e Life and Vivaro-e Life, making the switch to an electric vehicle even more appealing.”
— Paul Willcox, Managing Director of Vauxhall

As we’ve mentioned in our deep dive on how much it costs to install a home charger, it can be quite expensive to install a unit at home, even after taking advantage of a certain grant.

So, having it installed for you at no additional cost is a steal and could influence many people to go with Vauxhall as their dedicated EV brand.

“Our partnership with British Gas has motivated many to make the switch to an electric vehicle, and has helped ensure the all-electric Corsa-e is one of the UK’s most popular new electric cars,” said Managing Director of Vauxhall, Paul Willcox.

This offer was initially tied to Vauxhall Corsa-e purchases only. Now the deal has been extended to the automakers Mokka-e SUV, Combo-e Life MPV and Vivaro-e Life van.

What do you make of Vauxhall’s bid to get more people buying its EVs? We’re personally surprised that it extended the deal to other vehicles. Leave us a comment below.

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