Updated MINI App Adds More Function And Content For Users

EV apps like the MINI App only add to the experience of owning an eco-friendly vehicle, and with this new update, things just got a whole lot better.

Standard app updates tend to only fix a few bugs or update the interface every once in a while. Only MINI’s latest update pushes well beyond that to give owners more control from the comfort of their smartphones.

MINI rolled out these changes in May, giving users a wider range of functionality. Take this change, for example, the Trip Detail Enhancement gives drivers clearer route planning.

That’s right, you can now view traffic on your desired route through this change. It’s a beneficial change all-round, especially for those of you living in populated areas known for heavy traffic.

For combustion types only: the app now sports a Fuel Prices function. Here one can compare fuel prices with the touch of a button without having to scroll multiple pages online or through another app.

For electric MINI owners, the app displays everything you need to know in terms of charging functions. Canadians, Charging Management is a feature exclusive to you at this moment in time (we expect it to launch in other areas soon).

The user can see an overview of previous charges with this feature, including the associated costs.

It goes without saying, but the power of EVs is only amplified when you use a dedicated app. Tesla has proven that.

Using the Explore Tab can yield interesting results if you’re looking for the latest news/insights.

Furthermore, with this new update, older vehicles can now link via Bluetooth/USB, displaying all relevant information, such as mileage, fuel level and range.

A new function also enables contact-free scheduling and reservation of service appointments outside the dealer’s opening times. The app constantly reminds the user of said appointments — you also have the option of paying online.

According to MINI, over 4 million people (My BMW and MINI App together) are now using the new-generation version of the app.

The MINI App is available for both IOS and Android systems, so if you’ve yet to download it to see these changes in real-time (and own a MINI, obviously), what are you waiting for?

To recap, here are the main changes to the MINI App for reference:

  • MINI Sharing Link now opens the MINI Sharing App directly as long as the vehicle is equipped with Flexible Car Sharing Preparation.
  • Trip Detail Enhancement allows for more transparent planning when following routes.
  • Users can compare fuel pricing through the Fuel Prices function.
  • The Explore Tab offers a stream of relevant/interesting editorial content.
  • Contact-free services for easy appointment-making.
  • Charging Management offers a detailed overview of a charge in progress (Canada only).

There’s an app for everything these days, with EVs being no exception to the rule. Have you downloaded/used the MINI App yet? If so, what do you think of the changes?

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