This Model 3 Police Car Is Ready For Evaluation In The UK

Police cars in the United Kingdom could be taking an electrified turn in the not so distant future.

  • Tesla UK has revealed a Model 3 saloon fit for emergency services.
  • Electric police cars align with the UKs 2030 EV plans.
  • No UK forces has shown interest in the proposed blue and yellow Model 3 just yet.

Experts/EV insiders have spoken about the popularity of Tesla for years now, only the possibility of a Model 3 police car has escaped us.

Until now.

Tesla UK has revealed an exclusive Model 3, one fit for police services with all the added benefits. Judging by the images shown, this looks to be the ‘Performance’ version of the Model 3 — a handy ride to have in a potential high-speed chase.

The performance version has a range of up to 352 miles and can go from 0 to 60mph in 3.1 seconds. What about top speed? This version can travel 152mph — again, the perfect high-speed chase vehicle.

The EV titan has said the Model 3 could apply to emergency services across the board. Meaning the fire brigade or ambulance services need not apply.

© Credit to Tesla

“Tesla is making this test car available for those forces, brigades and other agencies wanting to trial Model 3 as an emergency response vehicle,” says Tesla.

No word yet on if the UK police are interested in this Model 3. If it doesn’t come to pass, at least we have these images to look at.

The US has already implemented some Model 3s across several police forces. Could the UK follow suit?

We hope so.

Gloucester Constabulary has already added 74 all-electric rides to its fleet. However, none of these EVs have been deployed in an emergency situation.

Then again, they aren’t the Model 3

In other Tesla news, they just confirmed changes to the Model S’ battery pack.

What emergency service vehicle would you like to see receive the Tesla treatment? Could a Tesla ambulance be in the pipeline at some point? We’re staying open-minded.

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