UK Price Of The New Hyundai Tucson N-Line PHEV Revealed

The all new Hyundai Tucson N-Line looks to make a big impression in the rising UK hybrid market.

  • Prices start from £39,330 depending on the version you choose.
  • Pure electric range of the Tucson N-line can take drivers up to 38 miles before needing some juice.
  • Features of the Tucson N-Line includes LED daytime running lamps, dual zone climate control, privacy glass and more.

Looking for the most up-to-date hybrid SUV to date? Hyundai has just the thing in its Tucson N-Line SUV — one of the sportier-looking rides from the South Korean automaker.

The Tucson N-Line uses the same mild-hybrid powertrain first introduced with the 1.6 T-DGi.

In terms of electric range, you’ll get 38 miles of eco-friendly travel before needing to switch, which isn’t bad all things considered.

It’s probably one of the finest PHEV SUVs we’ve come across, in all honesty. External design choices, like the parametric jewel patterns on the grille and rectangular bumper, has only separated it from the pack.

Even the rear of the vehicle emits this refined feel with it sporting a longer aerodynamic spoiler/stabilising fins. It really completes the look. Trust us.

Inside and out, the Tucson N-Line is an EV worth shouting about.

So, how much is it? If you’re looking for the standard version, you’ll pay £39,330. The base model gives you all of the above, not to mention full connectivity to LIVE services and Bluelink connected car services.

If you’re looking for something a little better, then go with the N-Line S. You’ll pay more for it (£41,250), but it adds three-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control and better audio via 8 speakers/subwoofer.

Basically, both models offer something familiar/different simultaneously.

Hyundai has hit the ground running with this SUV. Keep it in mind if you’re looking for a new ride.

Which version of the N-Line do you like the look of? We’re leaning more towards the N-Line S, to be honest, not to discredit the base version, of course.

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