UK Government In Talks With Multiple Companies Over Gigafactories

Ford, Nissan, LG, Samsung, Britishvolt and InoBat Auto are all talking to the British government.

  • Britishvolt has gone public with their plans, whereas others have kept things private.
  • Plans to open a UK-based car battery factory are paramount to the countries EV plans.
  • The UK is competing with other parts of Europe to get these factories set up.

The who builds the first UK-based ‘Gigafactory’ race continues.

According to the Financial Times, six companies are in talks with the UK government right now. So, who are the contenders?

In the carmaker lane, you have Ford and Nissan. Representing the tech world, we have LG and Samsung. And finally, startups Britishvolt and InoBat Auto are also involved in the conversation.

What are they talking about exactly? Locations for potential factories and financial support, according to people briefed on these talks.

Some of the companies named could come as a surprise to some. We’ve reported on Britishvolt and Nissan prior to this development.

In fact, Britishvolt is the only company to make its plans public. The startup wants to turn an old power plant site in Blyth into an electric car battery-making mecca.

Brexit has dampened the vehicle industry as a whole in the UK. It’s clear that at least one Gigafactory is needed to meet the expected demand.

Remember, the UK gov wants to ban the sales of petrol/diesel cars by 2030 and then hybrids by 2035.

The UK gov has a £500m fund to help fund these plans. However, that amount pales compared to the EU who has €2.9bn to spend as they see fit.

“There’s a de facto competition between the UK and Europe, and whoever wins the gigafactories wins the auto business,” says Andy Palmer of InoBat.

Which factory will open first? Our money’s on Britishvolt, but what do you think?

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