UK Buyers: The Citroen e-SpaceTourer Is Cheaper Than You Think

You can now pick up entry-level models for £31,995 after taking advantage of the UK Govs Plug-In Car Grant.

Looking for a reasonably priced van-based MPV and live in the UK? Citroen has just cut the cost of its e-SpaceTourer, shaving around £14,000 off of the original price.

It would appear that the French car brand is revamping the entire range structure of the vehicle. The previous trim levels have been completely replaced by two new models.

So, what’s changed? Well, the old Business model has been replaced by the new Business Edition, complete with air conditioning, integrated smartphone technology, and an optimised touchscreen.

Moreover, this Business Edition features a dual front passenger bench with under-seat storage. The second/third rows sport a split design and removable seats, giving drivers more options for storage.

Elsewhere in the range, Citroen’s old Feel trim has been updated with the Flair Model. However, unlike the Business Edition, the price of this EV has actually gone up ever-so-slightly.

© Credit to Citroen

The original Feel was priced at £46,250, with the Flair bumping that price up to £47,595.

Keep in mind that you’re buying into what feels like a completely new vehicle from a style point of view.

“As part of Citroën’s Fair Pricing policy, we’ve updated the e-SpaceTourer model range so it continues to represent excellent value for our customers,” says Citroen UK managing director Eurig Druce.

The Flair comes with 17-inch allow wheels, not to mention a panoramic glass roof and regal leather seats. Moreover, the seats are heated and include massage functions.

Under the hood, you’ll find an electric powertrain and a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. You’ll also discover a 134 bhp electric motor. Electric range is confirmed. With the eSpaceTourer, drivers can travel up to 143 miles tops before needing some juice.

Will you be forking out the money to buy the Business Edition of this Citroen EV? We have to say, it is rather tempting given some of these changes.

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