This MG MAZE Concept Is Something Out Of A Video Game

SAIC Design has found the cheat code with its latest electric car concept. The MG MAZE looks like it was ripped out of Rocket League or any other flashy video game involving cars.

MG MAZE Concept
Emulating the feeling of being in a video game in the real world © Credit to SAIC Design

Mashing the buttons of any console controller is escapism manifest, but this… This is real life. This is the MG MAZE, a world-breaking new electric car concept from SAIC Design heavily inspired by gaming culture.

The MG MAZE connects the digital to the physical in more ways than one.

In fact, SAIC Design wants you to go on what it calls “a treasure hunt” around urban areas where it can really shine against the backdrop of an expansive map/city.

It sports a polycarbonate exterior shell that serves as a window inside and a door. Inside, you’ll find two comfortable “zero-gravity” seats. Fabrics used for these are inspired by contemporary streetwear (and high-end gaming chairs).

MG MAZE Rear All of its internal components can be found in the rear © Credit to SAIC Design

The lightweight aesthetic of the MG MAZE, complete with its transparent shell and futuristic lighting, simulates a potential possibility for the next generation of transport.

All of its internal components can be found in the rear (this includes an interchangeable battery and motors). More space in the front of the vehicle gives drivers/players a lot more room to relax.

“MAZE is a bold and brave concept that celebrates the real and digital worlds, where drivers are players in a real world treasure hunt of digital art in their cities. MAZE intends to bring back driving fun to electrified cars, and not just simply exploring the A to B journey.”
— SAIC Design

There’s no steering wheel, as drivers are encouraged to use smartphones as control points for the car. The UI covers the front of the vehicle with a 3D map, avatar status and mission information.

The word immersive comes to mind, if you can handle it.

MG MAZE User Interface Gathering easter eggs will earn drivers/players rewards © Credit to SAIC Design

What’s even more impressive is that there are ‘easter eggs’ found in the connected app that impact the lighting aspects of the EV.

Think of it like this: you’re levelling up the car by collecting these.

You’re also earning rewards through a living/breathing game community. Overall, it’s a highly ambitious concept, one that could top the leaderboard if it ever sees production.

But that won’t happen for a while yet, surely?

It’s as SAIC Design say perfectly: “Play is important. Discovery is important. Adventure is important,” and this concept car has all of that in spades. But what do you think of it? Is it too ambitious? Could it become reality?

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