This Custom Harley-Davidson E-Chopper Is As Retro As It Gets

Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 e-bike brand has turned out some unbelievable electric rides prior, but this hits different.

Serial 1 MOSH/CHOPPER Bike
Check out the wheels on this one © Credit to Serial 1

Serial 1’s “1-OFF” Series

Harley-Davidson, or should we say, Serial 1, are throwing it way back with this new custom e-bike.

All the way back to the 70s, to be specific. A time known for Jaws, disco and bell-bottoms.

Get a good look at the MOSH/CHOPPER, an electric bike that pays homage to the rides like the Schwinn Stingray bike and others. We’d recognise that body style anywhere.

As part of its “1-OFF” series, Serial 1 is looking to craft a range of new e-bikes throughout the year. The kicker is the brand will only make one of each two-wheeler which will only hike the price of every bike made.

“Customisation is such an important part of the motorcycle ownership experience. For decades, people have been modifying their motorcycles to reflect their unique style and taste. The 1-OFF Series applies this same spirit of individualisation and personalisation to e-bikes, showing people just how much fun it is to create an e-bike that suits their own unique personality.”
— Aaron Frank, Brand Director at Serial 1

In fact, Serial 1 plans to auction off the chopper August 11. You can actually place bids now, with the current bid sitting at $6,700 as of right now. This might seem steep, but remember, this is a custom electric bike. Only one will ever exist.

Plus, it’s tied to the Harley-Davidson brand by association which only adds to the appeal.

The MOSH/CHOPPER was built by Warren Heir Jr. and Kendall Lutchman, two names some of you may have heard of already?

We say that as both have had a hand in manufacturing some of the best chopper bicycles we’ve seen in a long time.


MOSH/CHOPPER runs on a Brose mid-drive motor and a Harley-Davidson in-house battery. We should also mention it sports TRP hydraulic disc brakes and a Gates carbon belt drive.

A pedal-assist bicycle like this can travel up to 20mph at a time. Range-wise, we aren’t sure exactly how far the MOSH/CHOPPER can take you as Serial 1 hasn’t specified battery capacity.

Heir Jr. and Lutchman have clearly had a lot of fun putting this two-wheeler together. Remember, it is a custom e-bike.

Custom touches include a long and low banana-style seat, complete with a sissy bar and a high-rise handlebar.

Again, it’s a throwback, only built in a modern setting.

Its blue body colour is offset with signature silver microflakes — the kind you’d find on a classic two-wheeler from years ago.

Even the lettering is retro, reading “Powered By Harley-Davidson” near the back wheel.

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