The UK’s First Electric Passenger Boat Set To Make A Splash At New Boat Show

Electric boat enthusiasts from across the UK will gather at The Green Boat Show later this year. Poised to steal the show, the UK’s first electric passenger boat in the e-Voyager will be amongst some of the anticipated participants.

Events of this kind (the eco-friendly kind) multiply by the day, it seems. In fact, event organisers MDL Marinas plan to roll out multiple boat events this year alone. You have The South Boat Show in May and the Ocean Village Show primed for September.

“The show is specifically designed for boat owners wishing to make the switch to greener options, and prospective owners who’d like to start their boating journey in the most environmentally friendly way possible.”
— MDL Marinas

It could be a great day for the electric boat market if everything goes to plan, unless the UK’s current Covid roadmap changes between now and June, that is.

The UK’s first electric passenger boat

Built by Voyager Boatyard, the e-Voyager is as innovative as it is promising. After all, it’s the first electric passenger boat to take a dip in the English market. Current plans have the e-Voyager mirroring standard routes running between Cornwall and Plymouth.

The project itself is funded through the £1.4 million Clean Maritime Call, a project supported by the Department for Transport (DfT). Voyager Boatyard has partnered with Plymouth Boat Trips, the University of Plymouth, the University of Exeter, Teignbridge Propellers, MarRi-Uk and EV Parts UK to bring the vessel to life.

How does it work? Nissan Leaf batteries power the e-Voyager, thus lowering costs and the need for constant maintenance. The e-Voyager uses fly by wire (FBW) electronic controls, the same controls used in other types of commercial boats.

Voyager Boatyard recently won funding to craft an e-ferry, one with the ability to carry 12 passengers for up to 14 hours on a single charge. Penetrating the electric boat market from all angles; just another day in the life of Voyager Boatyard.

The Green Boat Show

This will be the first-ever Green Boat Show, taking place at Queen Anne’s Battery in Plymouth between June 19-20 of this year. Event organisers MDL Marinas have high high hopes for eco-friendly electric boats.

Presenting information in a practical way like this could turn the tide for naysayers and potential buyers. Moreover, the event could bring more eyes to electric transport as a whole, given the connection between electric car batteries and electric boats.

The appearance of the e-Voyager is enough to get any budding electric boat enthusiast excited, but there’s more. Other names included on the lineup include:

  • Arc Marine
  • Fischer Panda UK
  • Pixii Electric Boats
  • The Bounty Project
  • Vulcan Industries Limited

MDL Marinas is the UK’s leading water-based leisure firm for those that don’t know, owning multiple marinas in Britain and Spain. Their team consists of dedicated experts from all facets of marina development and marina operations.

In other words, there’s no better organiser to have running an event like this. Will you be attending?

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