The UK Records Ultra Low Emission Vehicles Milestone

The UK now has around 500,000 low emission vehicles driving on roads, according to new stats shared today.

  • 1 in 7 vehicles sold in 2021 thus far have been electric
  • Sales align with the UK governments 2030 EV plans
  • Milestones look promising ahead of the COP26 later this year

Another positive step in a greener direction, stats shared today from the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) show that 1 in 7 new car sales in 2021 come with a plug. Moreover, around 500,000 ultra-low emission vehicles now occupy UK roads.

“With news that the half-a-million milestone has now been met, together with the UK now having the second-largest EV market in Europe, it’s clear that the shift to green motoring is accelerating at speed,” says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The SMMT stats show a 13.6% increase in new cars sold in the past 4 months, all within the green car category. Last year, sales of electric cars accounted for more than 1 in 10 cars sold; the year before that, 1 in 30.

Sales are rising, in line with the UK governments current plan to scrap the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. Support will arrive via £1.3 billion over the next 4 years to encourage the installation of more electric charge stations.

According to their ten-point plan shared in November of last year, the commitment shown in ‘Gigafactories’ and other key areas is paramount in lowering emissions for the greater good.

News like this couldn’t fall at a better time as the UK will soon play host to this years COP26 summit.

The Transport Secretary added: “As hosts of COP26, we want to drive decarbonisation on the global stage, which is why we’re going further and faster to make the journeys of our future as clean as possible.”

More chargepoints and cheaper vehicle options

So how can you explain the rise in electric vehicles in the UK? Better batteries and more charging options have helped boost the EV industry as of late.

More cities, like Canterbury, can see that change is coming, which is why they’re making charging stations all the more accessible. Right now, there are over 23,000 public stations. Expect this number to rise significantly as 2030 approaches.

“Over half-a-million people are already convinced by the incredible driving experience and we hope millions more will make the switch as Britain strives to become the best place to build, buy and drive electric vehicles.”
— Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive

Battery integrity has grown leaps and bounds from its original design, allowing drivers to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. Longer journeys have only added to the appeal, especially amongst holiday-makers.

Like the Nissan Leaf, homemade cars are getting cheaper and cheaper as more established carmakers enter the EV race. You can actually find cheaper versions of the Leaf across used car sites. In other words, buyers have so many avenues to take these days.

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