The Subaru Solterra (Their First EV) Announced

Japanese automaker Subaru is stepping into the future with an SUV named Solterra, partly developed by Toyota.

  • It will be an all-electric C-segment SUV.
  • The vehicle will run on an EV platform known as e-TNGA, co-developed by Toyota.
  • Subaru’s Solterra is due to go on sale in 2022.

Subaru, now there’s a name you don’t hear often enough. That should change soon enough, as the Japanese automaker is coming out with their first electric vehicle named Solterra.

It’s an all-electric, C-segment SUV, and it’s due in 2022 — that’s all we really know right now. Oh, and it will be built using the e-TNGA platform, a platform that Japanese peer Toyota developed. In fact, Toyota and Subaru are jointly working on this project.

In this development, the two companies combine their respective strengths, such as Subaru’s long-accumulated all-wheel-drive technology and Toyota’s outstanding vehicle electrification technology, to create a new SUV with attributes that only an all-electric vehicle can offer.
— Subaru

Speaking of SUVs and Toyota, they recently unveiled their bZ4X concept, previewing a series of fully electric cars — cars utilising the outlined e-TNGA platform. Toyota’s current goal has them releasing 15 new battery-powered vehicles before 2025.

The Solterra name is a mix between two Latin words, meaning ‘Sun’ and ‘Earth.’ It’s no riddle, but Subaru has a pretty unique explanation worth showing: “Subaru gave this name to the EV to appreciate mother nature and further advance the form of coexistence with it…”

Subaru had previously worked on a battery-electric car with a 2020 release. We’re assuming those plans have been shelved to make way for this Toyota venture. Solterra will join an eclectic line of Subaru SUVs that includes the Ascent, Outback and Forester.

© Credit to Subaru

The Solterra is to go on sale next year in many markets globally

Launch-wise, it’s due to release in multiple markets “by the middle of 2022.” Markets include Japan, the US, Canada, Europe and China, to be specific. When released, the Solterra will face hefty competition from the Peugeot e-2008, Kia e-Niro and other upcoming electric SUVs due to release soon.

We’ve touched on the power of electric SUVs before, highlighting their functionality and performance. It’s no wonder so many traditional car brands are showing interest; although the same can be said of EV in general.

What do you think? Could Subaru become a powerhouse in the ever-expanding world of EV?

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