The First Ssangyong All-Electric SUV Arrives Later This Year

Production of the Korando e-motion has already began, as the company prepares to bounce back and into the future.

  • The Korando e-motion is based on the existing Korando, only tweaked.
  • European deliveries will begin in August, with UK deliveries expected later in the year.
  • Ssangyong is looking for new investment/interest after struggling financially in the past.

Ssangyong, an automaker known for a range of quality SUVs, will soon release its first all-electric model in the Korando e-motion.

There is a standard combustion-engine version of the Korando — a cost-effective towing machine hailed for its carrying capacity/performance.

The all-electric version in the Korando e-motion is very similar from a visual aspect. Still, we can spot a few minor changes.

For example, a new front bumper is used to improve aerodynamics, and the bonnet is made from aluminium to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

“We’re expanding the line-up of eco-cars, discovering future growth opportunities, such as new business models, and preparing for renewed competitiveness.”
— Ssangyong Motor receiver Chung Yong-won

After all, it is an EV, meaning changes in weight are required to make way for a chunky battery.

How fast/far can it go?

According to Ssangyong, the e-motion travels up to 260 miles before needing a charge. Top speed, on the other hand, maxes out at 95mph to preserve energy.

In terms of price, we’re expecting the Korando e-motion to sell for £30,000 and higher, which isn’t bad when you compare it to similar electric SUVs due to release soon.

You can expect the Korando e-motion to compete with the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro once released.

European deliveries of the e-motion will begin in August. The UK will receive theirs later in the year due to the current shortage of semiconductors.

© Credit to Ssangyong

Ssangyong is looking to right the wrongs of the past

It’s no secret, Ssangyong has struggled financially. They were rescued in 2010 by Indian car giant Mahindra but have found it difficult to find solid footing.

Ssangyong is looking for new investment, and the e-motion could be the catalyst in doing just that.

Speeding up the development of EVs to combat bigger car brands in the SUV lane is risky. Still, Ssangyong believes that their ‘self-rescue plan’ is enough to propel them forwards.

Things are looking up for Ssangyong if the launch of the Korando e-motion takes off. The South Korean automaker has also announced another electric SUV.

The J100 is set to go into production next year. Talk of an electric pick-up is in the pipeline, too.

How will the Korando e-motion fare against the Kia e-Niro? Could it be a major player in the electric SUV lane? Give us your thoughts.

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