‘The Eleven’ Could Be Unagi’s Best Electric Scooter To Date

It’s a full suspension e scooter that comes with all the bells and whistles. This includes: puncture-proof tires, removable batteries and an Advanced Driver System — the kind you’d typically find in electric cars.

The Eleven scooter can do just about everything, making it a must-watch two-wheeler © Credit to Unagi Scooters

For those not in the know, Unagi Scooters are similar to Xiaomi in that wherever they move, the personal electric transport industry follows.

And follow they will, once they get a good look at its latest offering: ‘The Eleven.’

This power-assisted scooter takes everything great about The Model One and amplifies it. For starters, there’s a drastic difference visually.

The Eleven is sleeker almost, which was clearly the intention of industrial designer Yves Behar — aka, the man responsible for this new look.

This scooter is made mainly from a material known as “long carbon,” a material native to Switzerland. It’s a type of carbon composite that includes such materials as nylon. Injection moulding was used to birth the frame of each e scooter.

The result is one of the lightest full-suspension scooters known to man (14.5kg total).

“The advantage of that is that you can get very complex shapes that you can’t do with a traditional carbon fibre,” says Unagi CEO David Hyman when talking to The Verge.

But wait, there’s more.

The Eleven has a built-in multi-lens camera located in the stem, just under the handlebars. And this camera has a very special role. Basically, the camera detects when upcoming obstacles are in view, alerting the rider to ensure they slow down/course correct.

“Our scooter knows the difference between a human being, a stop sign, a traffic light, or any kind of impending danger that’s coming into the periphery… So if somebody swings a car door open in a bike lane, you’re going to get a very loud warning over the audio system along with a visual warning.”
— David Hyman, CEO of Unagi Scooters, talking to The Verge

It’s very similar to the Advanced Driver Assist Systems (or ADAS) you’d find in most Tesla cars through its Autopilot function/service.

We should point out that you will need to pay for this feature. In terms of price, expect to pay “a few hundred bucks” on top of the retail price.

Owners of The Eleven can also connect the scooter to the Unagi app, which in turn connects to Google Maps. In other words, you never have to keep checking your phone for directions again since the scooter reads out directions verbally for you.

You might be wondering if you can play music from this scooter, and the answer is yes. Yes, you can.

Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish are amongst some of Unagi’s influencers. So why not tip the hat, so to speak, by pumping their tunes through this two-wheeler?

Just a suggestion.

Speed-wise, The Eleven can travel up to 19mph tops which is what we’d expect from an urban commuter. Range, on the other hand, nets you around 15 miles on a single charge, although since the battery is removable, you can carry spares to go the extra distance.

All in all, it’s an unbelievable e scooter that will make a fine addition to the current lineup of full-suspension scooters we have at the moment.

Unagi is crowdfunding this one, so if you want yours, you can pre-order/support the company through Indiegogo.

A scooter with advanced vision technology. How long before we have self-driving electric scooters? Unagi’s Eleven electric scooter could change the game if it should live up to expectations. Leave a comment below, tell us what you think about The Eleven.

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