The Electric Fat Bike, Our Chunky Picks For 2023

Short, tall, skinny and fat – e bikes certainly come in a range of different sizes, don’t they? The electric fat bike in particular, is one we constantly keep coming back to, given how unique it looks compared to other personal transporters on two wheels.

You’ve more than likely already seen these out in the wild – or at least seen a video/image of one.

You can’t miss them, they have very large tires – not comically large, but big enough to turn the heads of anyone looking on. They’re ideal for curb-vaulting (what we call rollover capability) which applies to all sorts of terrain under you.

Like with most electric bikes, non-assisted fat bikes are out there, and have been for some time. There’s various electric fat bike options for you to pick and choose from too – more so in the year 2023!

Finding the right electric-assisted fat bike isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Some will tell you “the fatter the better.”

If only it were that easy…

Here, let E4TP help, as we break down our chunky picks of the best electric fat bikes for 2023.

Fat Bike Tire Some call them fat, but you could call them chunky (it’s 2023)

The Electric Fat Bike Explained

Before we look at some of our favourite fat bike (the electric kind) picks, we need to talk about what they are, and how they differ from every other form of personal electric transport.

So, what is a fat bike?

A fat bike is a larger than life bicycle. It allows the rider to cover terrain of all kinds courtesy of extra large tires. Tires that grip better thanks to its size.

A fat bikes’ tires are around four to five inches in width. Compare that to the average width of mountain bike tires (two inches) and the differences are made ever-clear!

Low pressure within the tires allows a fat bike to roll over countless obstacles in your way and not throw you (literally, in this case).

Again, a fat bike is very hard to miss for this reason, and is a perfect steed to have by your side when tackling mountainous terrain.

Many will refer to these types of e bikes as ‘fat tire electric bikes.’ Just something to keep in mind if you’re looking for one of your own.

We wouldn’t blame you if you took one look at one of these transporters and thought it was a motorcycle.

We’ve done the exact same thing. Especially those motor-assisted fat bikes – those that strap electric power to the frame, giving riders the chance to go further and with less strain.

Do Electric Fat Bikes Have Suspension?

Ahh yes, a popular yet important question. Does an electric fat bike have suspension like, say, an electric mountainbike?

Short answer is: it depends on the fat tire electric bike you’re looking at. Some do, some don’t.

Most don’t, which is something you need to keep in mind when entertaining the idea of owning one of your own!

The goal of a fat bike is to be as buoyant as possible. Meaning the tires aren’t pumped up too much, to create this bounce effect. Bouncing allows you to coast over obstacles in your path with ease!

A lack of suspension in most of the fat bikes you see isn’t to save money on each build. You see, designers want fat bikes to put as much of the wheel on the floor as possible.

Doing this gives you much better grip and traction when out and about.

The larger than life tires aren’t a substitute for traditional suspension you’d find on a bike. Keep this in mind when looking at rigid frame fat bikes.

As always, personal preference should help you make the right decision on the right fat tire e bike.

Fat Electric Bike: Difficult To Ride?

Another notable question you see online.

Make no mistake about it, there will be a learning curve if you fall into that average rider category.

An average rider we’d class as someone who tends to stick to the same bike to some degree. City bikes and things like that, to be specific.

In our experience, riding an electric fat bike isn’t too different from riding around on an e mountainbike!

It’s stable, it’s optimised for off-roading, and you can take on most weather conditions without a care in the world.

Sure, extra air in the tires might take some getting used to. Still, you can always fill the tires with a little more air if needed.

You’ll feel the ground under you a lot more – every bump and shake – but to some, this could be one way to ease into the full fat bike experience.

Many own a fat tire electric bike for urban travel, if you can believe that! They look like Batman riding around on his tanky two-wheeler from the Nolan movies, but they do the trick in navigating cycle paths, roads and even beaches.

Disclaimer: Not every bike can be turned into a fat bike with chunkier tires. Not every frame will be able to accommodate fat bike tires.

We’re saying this now as most think you can simply take any frame, attach fat bike tires to it, and hey presto.

Don’t do that. It’s a waste of money.

The frames you see on these new fat bikes are there for a reason. The forks here are stretched to fit these big wheels, and with room to spare.

Not even electric mountainbike frames can handle the girth of these Big Chungus-like wheels!

Advantages To Riding A Fat Bike In The UK

We’ve kinda covered all the bases as far as advantages to owning (and riding) a fat tire electric bike. Still, a quick reminder could go a long way in helping you retain this info.

In fact, we’ve purposely not touched on some advantages so that we can cover it in this section.

The advantages to owning a fat bike are as follows:

  • Stability/Traction – Better grip underneath you means you can traverse all types of terrain and never feel the full brunt of the journey. This encourages longer and more adventurous journeys into the wild.
  • Comfortable Ride – More air in a fat bikes tires means you get to enjoy a relaxed yet controlled ride. Less air in the tires might seem unstable, but its very much the opposite of that!
  • Weather? No Problem – Guess what. A fat electric bike is made for all types of weather conditions including snow. This gives you a lot of room to play with.
  • Electric Power – It’s an obvious one, but worth mentioning regardless. Attaching a battery pack and motor to a fat bike only adds to its viability. You get additional range that you don’t even need to peddle for!

Should we look at some actual electric-powered fat bikes now?

We think yes.

Woman With Fat E Bike Stability is one thing you can’t beat with a fat bike

Best Electric Fat Bikes Of 2023

In the UK, far tire electric bikes are rapidly growing in popularity amongst dedicated groups. All of whom share one thing in common: they love bikes – electric or otherwise.

Below you’ll find five fat tire electric bikes available to you in the UK, each as different as the last.

All will vary in price, range, charge time and so much more.

You might be wondering why we’ve decided to limit this fat bike list to only five options. And well, the short answer is there are many fat bikes out there that all slip into similar territory.

There’s nothing worse than a list that’s padded out for the sake of padding out.

Besides, we thought it would be quite ironic to have five fat bikes in line with the infamous 5-a-day recommendation.

Not funny?

Okay, let’s look at some fat electric bikes.

Best Chunky Bike of 2023: RadRhino 6 Plus

  • Price: £1,600
  • Electric Range: 44 Miles
  • Charge Time: 6 Hrs

The RadRhino 6 Plus is best in class, in more ways than one, and is deserving of a special shout-out considering what it brings to the table.

It’s only just launched in Europe, dropping in July, and it’s already making headway amongst fat bike fans and standard e bike supporters alike!

Admittedly, this e bike is big in the States but has yet to catch on, fully, in the UK like it should.

This is partly why we’ve put it in the top spot, for visibility. And that’s not to say that it gets a free pass, because from a spec, price and comfort level, it ticks every box.

Rad Power – the maker of the RadRhino 6 Plus – says the new 750 watt motor can climb hills 25% faster, and we know that for a fact given what we’ve seen.

It has a semi-integrated battery, hydraulic disc brakes, and one of the most modern interfaces located on the handlebars.

Oh, and did we mention the chunky tires shown here are puncture-proof too?

Range-wise, the RadRhino 6 Plus can travel 44 miles (roughly). This will fluctuate depending on the current weather conditions and charge within the battery.

Speaking of which, the 48V, 14 Ah Lithium NMC cells are more than capable of carrying you great distances.

And here’s the best part about the RadRhino 6 Plus: it’s affordable. Which seems crazy when you consider everything we’ve just mentioned!

E4TP Says

The RadRhino 6 Plus is an expedition in and of itself, fit for everyday riding, and long strolls out in the open. It’s sleek as hell to look at and it’s durable as hell. In other words, it’s a rhino in fat bike form – as advertised.

The Urban Bike Contender: Cyrusher XF800

  • Price: £2,099
  • Electric Range: 50 Miles
  • Charge Time: 5 to 7 Hrs

Let’s take a look at a popular urban fat bike real quick.

The Cyrusher XF800 is an all-suspension electric fat bike, meaning it has all the benefits of being a fat bike in addition to being more stable for the rider!

Range-wise, this baby can go 50 miles between charges, reaching a top speed of 28mph. Cyrusher says it best when they say “hills don’t stand a chance” with this fat bike.

The powerful Bafang motor within has a max output of 15000W, complete with 80 Nm of max torque for instant acceleration in cruise mode.

The 48V 13AH LG battery is waterproof, and can be removed for charging. As far as charge time goes, expect to leave this baby hooked up for 5 to 7 hours to charge.

We should point out that this e bike was designed for light trails and urban commuting. You can tell, given its styling and choice of colours.

Is it good for extensive travelling? We’d say so, although you might want to avoid some terrain as some reviews have highlighted its struggles.

E4TP Says

A commuter electric fat bike like this should be celebrated. The Cyrusher XF800 embraces life as an urban bike despite having those bulky tires. The price might be considered steep to some buyers. Still, you’re paying for quality.

Range For Days: Super73-S2 E Bike

  • Price: £2,870
  • Electric Range: 74+ Miles
  • Charge Time: 6 to 7 Hrs

Looking for something with a little more oomph to it in the range department? Maybe something that looks a lot like a dirt bike but is actually a street-legal e bike?

Yeah, you’re probably going to want to take a good look at the Super73-S2, the electric fat bike sent back from the future.

The aircraft-grade 6065/7071 aluminium alloy frame is a lot lighter than those seen in other electric fat bikes in the UK.

It’s also very comfortable to ride, thanks to its front suspension and rebounding damping.

Range is the reason why a lot of people will go for the Super73-S2. WIRED called said that this was a “fun but frightening e bike,” which is a very accurate description.

It’s scary in that it can travel over 74 miles on a single charge. That’s crazy when you stop and think about that for just a second.

It goes without saying, but the Super73-S2 is a range beast, and could beat out the previous fat bike on our list here in the best urban fat bike category.

We’ll let you decide which is better.

E4TP Says

We really have to highlight the work done by Super73 here. They’ve taken a fat bike and totally ran away with it from a design perspective. Not only is the Super73 a range monster, but you can spot it in a lineup. That’s high praise.

Dominant In White Conditions: ECOTRIC Electric Snow Bike

  • Price: £1,000
  • Electric Range: 18 Miles
  • Charge Time: 6 to 8 Hrs

White weather spells disaster for most wanting to go out on their bikes. However, going with this ECOTRIC Electric Snow Bike here could eliminate those woes entirely.

The hint is in the name. It’s a snow electric fat bike – like something Mr Plow or the Plow King might own if they ever decided to go out on two wheels instead of four.

Simpsons references aside, this e bike has all the hallmarks of a durable motor-assisted fat bike. It has 26″ tires, a 36V, 10Ah lithium battery pack, and a 500W rear hub motor.

Oh, and it features front and rear disc brakes for an additional layer of security.

And here’s the best thing about it: this ECOTRIC Electric Snow Bike isn’t as chunky as you might expect. In fact, it just looks like most mountainbikes you see.

That’s pretty hard to come by, given most bike manufacturers go way too big. This tends to hike the price of the e bike up tenfold. Luckily for you, this Snow Bike is priced pretty low.

E4TP Says

It can be a white Christmas or just snowy in general (depending on where you live), the ECOTRIC Electric Snow Bike will cut through it just the same. Range is limited with this e bike, but it’s still a noteworthy option.

A Bike That Folds: CMACEWHEEL Y20 Folding Electric Bike

  • Price: £1,700
  • Electric Range: 30 Miles
  • Charge Time: 5 to 7 Hrs

Carrying groceries – or shopping as it’s known in the UK – can be difficult if you don’t have a personal transporter. This is where the CMACEWHEEL Y20 Folding Electric Bike enters the picture.

This electric fat bike is, visually, a lot different to the other four we’ve covered here, and with good reason. Unlike the others, this CMACEWHEEL Y20 e bike is made for transporting goods – or just outright getting places.

You do this by loading the racks you see on the front and read of this fat bike.

It’s not meant to be taken off-roading. You can try, obviously, but you’ll do some serious damage to it. Like the ECOTRIC, this bike is ideal in snowy conditions and will tread snow as easy as you can say chunky tires.

Riders can also fold this one, meaning you can take it with you on-the-go. It means you can store it pretty easily too.

E4TP Says

Transporting goods just got a lot easier – more so to people wanting to brace the snow in order to grab supplies and whatnot. It’s listed as an electric mountainbike but we’d recommend you stick to the city limits with this one.

Electric Fat Bike In Forest In the UK, fat bikes are growing in popularity amongst savvy riders

The Electric Fat Bike, Our Chunky Picks For 2023

Were our chunky electric fat bike picks to your liking? We’re assuming it’s a yes since you’ve read up until this point.

Fat tire bikes fall into that ‘same but different category’ in the ever-expansive world of bikes. And electric fat bikes take that up an additional notch or two from a power and viability standpoint.

Yes, the price does go up ever-so-slightly compared to non-assisted fat tire bikes.

To that we say: didn’t you know that already?

Electric bikes are, generally, more expensive than standard bikes no matter the type. These chunky tire bikes you see aren’t that expensive compared to other adult e bikes out there.

Could you see yourself owning one?

Leave us a comment down below, we want to hear it.

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