The Apple Car is Delayed to 2026, Apparently

Steering wheels and pedals have also been added to the design, which goes against the rumoured self-driving ambitions Apple had for its first step in the electric transport sector.

A closeup of the Apple logo outside of an Apple Store
It’s the EV everyone is talking about but has yet to be made official

There are many white whales in the electric transport market, but none as large as the highly-anticipated Apple Car, a vehicle that is still yet to be confirmed by the tech giant.

There might be a reason for that, with news that Apple has scaled back its ambitious self-driving plans and has pushed the launch date back to 2026, according to sources.

Apparently, the project dubbed ‘Titan‘ internally, has been in a state of limbo for the past several months due to how complex it is to craft a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals.

In other words, the current tech isn’t at that point yet, which has forced Apple to pivot. The original goal was Level 5 autonomy — the pinnacle of self-driving tech, which no automaker has been able to attain.

The brand is now looking at producing a much less ambitious design that will include a steering wheel and pedals, and will only support full autonomous capabilities on highways.

Again, this information comes via those close to the project — people who have asked not to be identified, for obvious reasons.

Project Titan has been in development for years now and has proven a lot harder than anticipated. But this isn’t an Apple-exclusive issue, countless electric car brands have run into similar problems, Tesla being the obvious one.

Apple wants to develop a vehicle that lets drivers perform a variety of other tasks while mobile — tasks that cover everything from watching a movie to playing a video game.

The idea is that drivers can then manually take over the vehicle when entering cities, or during bouts of harsh weather. Apple has discussed launching the feature in North America and then slowly implementing it elsewhere as it develops.

Bloomberg originally broke this story. We’ve linked to their report below:

Will the Apple Car ever come out? It’s a question many Apple fanatics are asking themselves, not to mention, the majority of voices in the EV market.

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