Tesla’s Q2 Deliveries Set An Impressive New Record

Tesla continues to show why it’s the EV brand at the top of the mountain after setting a new delivery record for Q2 2021.

Dread it. Run from it. Tesla arrives — or in this case, delivers — all the same.

Despite semiconductor shortages, leading to delays of anticipated vehicles, Tesla has come through, delivering 201,250 electric cars in the second quarter of 2021 — according to CNBC.

This is the first time the EV juggernaut has crossed the 200,000 vehicles shipped mark. It’s an unbelievable achievement for sure and one they will hope to break in the next few years.

In Q2 of 2021, Tesla produced 206,421 total vehicles — consisting of 204,081 units of the Model 3 and Y. Tesla only made around 2,300 units of the Model S and X, which is surprising, but expected given the affordability of the Model 3 and Y.

Last quarter, Tesla delivered 184,400 vehicles, which might not be as many as Q2, but remains impressive when considering the number of carmakers heading in the opposite direction.

Earlier this year, the Model 3 overtook the Nissan Leaf as the UK’s most popular electric vehicle, with 39,900 units currently on the road.

E4TP Says

One thing that Tesla does well is overhauling its lineup of electric rides. How else could you explain the current buzz surrounding the updated Roadster?

Delays are a current chink in the seemingly bullet-proof armour of Elon Musk’s Tesla, yet they continue to set records.

Governments pushing for greener transport will push them in the direction of the Model 3 and Y for obvious reasons. A) Because Tesla are a household name and new buyers tend to gravitate towards the top. And B) Both are inexpensive when you consider their application in the real world.

Tesla isn’t the only automaker to set records as of late. Both XPeng and NIO have set delivery records this year and should meet analyst expectations sooner rather than later.

It would appear that the rust of a global pandemic is slowly wearing off. That being said, the continued shortage of chips still poses a threat to Western automakers.

Have you purchased a Tesla this year? If so, which Model did you choose? We’ve yet to make a clear cut decision. That being said, we’ve heard good things about the Model 3 from owners.

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