Tesla’s Cybertruck To Have Rear-Wheel Steering According to Elon Musk

New info on the highly-anticipated truck comes courtesy of Elon Musk’s Twitter feed.

Revealed back in 2019, the Cybertruck continues to build momentum ahead of an official release. We’re all clambering for information on the angular truck — big and small — which has led us to Mr Musk’s infamous Twitter feed.

We know, Twitter isn’t the same as an official press release, but when it’s Elon, we tend to make an exception. Nevertheless, you can take this info with a grain of salt if you like.

Still, we believe him when he says the Cybertruck is set to ship with rear-wheel steering. Drivers would have better control of the truck with this type of steering, “so it can do tight turns & manoeuvre with high agility.”

Moreover, Elon has assured us that the Cybertruck will be “almost exactly what was shown.” A statement like this is surely a response to the naysayers/doubters picking holes in arguably one of the most iconic vehicle designs in history.

Many criticised Tesla when the Cybertruck was unveiled to the world. After all, the vehicle looks like it was sent back in time by Skynet to kill John Connor.

© Credit to Tesla

Some have theorised that the rear-wheel steering is loosely inspired by the Crab Walk mode found in the outlined GMC Hummer EV. This feature allows the vehicle to pivot the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels.

Better control of an electric truck is never a bad thing when you consider the terrain it covers. Off-road tracks/roads tend to have tight turns, making it difficult for most trucks to traverse smoothly. Changes made by the likes of Tesla tackle this head-on.

Production-ready versions of the Cybertruck will take some getting used to if they are to stay in its proposed form and will more than likely inspire other automakers to turn even the craziest car concepts into the real deal.

MINI has recently teased us with a potential launch of its Urbanaut concept car — a ride that looks like it’s constantly underwater, complete with some of the wackiest (a good thing) lighting we’ve seen from any vehicle — electric or otherwise.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to go on sale in the US at some point this year. However, rumour has it the electric truck could be delayed. What do you think? Could we see the Cybertruck roll out this year?

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