Tesla To Welcome Other Cars Into Supercharger Network

The American automaker is widening its circle of friends by opening its Supercharging network to all, says CEO Elon Musk.

Elon has been Tweeting again. This time it’s good news for owners of EVs that don’t bear the Tesla logo.

Tesla’s Supercharger network consists of around 2,500 stations and 25,000 charging points worldwide — numbers that continue to grow as EVs become commonplace on roads.

We know Tesla is opening its network to all thanks to the following Tweet made by CEO Elon Musk:

Musk was asked if the Supercharger network but be limited to specific territories. He responded with: “Over time, all countries.”

The American automaker recently opened its first Supercharger station in SouthEast Asia.

Using a Supercharger can add 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes to the new Tesla Model S Plaid to give you an idea of how powerful these chargers are.

Up until now, Tesla controlled its network through the use of its own charging connector.

While promising, this news does raise some important questions around billing. At the moment, Tesla drivers are billed depending on the amount of electricity used for each charge.

This does mean you might need to pay more for a quicker charge for reference once these changes have taken effect.

Payments are linked directly to their Tesla account. One way around this would be to add a payment box of some kind or invite drivers to open a Tesla account.

No other details were shared, just that this would happen at some point later this year.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as more details are revealed.

To good to be true, or a change we’ll actually see implemented? What do you think? Give us your thoughts.

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