Tesla To Release Product Roadmap Update Later This Month

A press release from Tesla’s Investor Relations, alongside an Elon Musk Tweet from last year, points to an update of the highly anticipated electric truck that has everyone intrigued.

Tesla Cybetruck screenshot from website
Could the angular electric truck be on the horizon? We’ll soon find out © Credit to Tesla

Tesla has announced that it will release its 2021 Q4 earnings report later this month — on January 26. Here’s what was just released through Tesla’s Investor Relations page:

“Tesla will post its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2021 after market close on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. At that time, Tesla will issue a brief advisory containing a link to the Q4 and full year 2021 update, which will be available on Tesla’s Investor Relations website.”

Investors and Tesla fans will no doubt be tuned in to the event, but that’s not all. CEO Elon Musk confirmed last month via Twitter that he would return to the call and provide a product roadmap update.

The reply above was prompted when a Twitter user questioned why Tesla removed the Cybertruck specification and prices from its website.

We do know that an updated trim version of the electric pickup is going to fit that quad-motor category. How much this will cost is still unknown.

The previous Cybertruck trim was a tri-motor electric vehicle, boasting 500 miles of range costing $69,900 (roughly £51,000). Do expect a potential price increase what with the vehicle utilising a different motor.

Another thing to expect is an update on when Tesla plans to start production. The American automaker previously stated that production of the Cybertruck will start around the end of 2022.

Other vehicles out of the Tesla lineup in the Tesla Semi and Model Y are also expected to receive updates.

In the case of the latter (the semi truck), low volume production has started at Tesla’s Nevada facility.

With the Model Y, investors will more than likely want to know where the company is at in terms of production of the vehicle at its Gigafactory Austin and Gigafactory Berlin sites.

When do you think the Cybertruck will go into production? And what do you think Tesla will say about its semi truck that was announced years ago? Give us your predictions down below in the comment section.

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