Tesla To Produce Multiple Model Y Versions At Shanghai Gigafactory

The American automaker has just filed to produce five unique variants of the Model Y at its gigafactory in Shanghai with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Tesla Model Y In The Wild
The Model Y continues to grow in popularity ahead of its grand debut in Europe

The future of Tesla in China looks certain with news that it has filed with the Chinese government to produce multiple versions of its Model Y, an electric SUV, at its gigafactory in Shanghai.

We know this because the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China recently released info relating to “new energy vehicle” applications tied to production. Through these applications, we can pinpoint multiple iterations of the Model Y.

Five versions of the electric SUV were found:

  • 2x Standard Models (both sharing a 60 kWh battery pack)
  • 2x Long Range Models (one with a 76.8 kWh battery and one with a 78.4 kWh pack)
  • 1x Performance Model (again running with a 78.4 kWh battery)

Producing these variants at its Giga Shanghai site could give Tesla a significant edge in terms of exporting overseas.

The automaker has actually said it wants to turn Gigafactory Shanghai into its “new primary vehicle export hub.” This site has excelled despite its original purpose, which was to produce vehicles for local demand.

Plans soon changed after realising the untapped potential this site has, given how fast it was able to ramp up production. Giga Shanghai recently reached an annual vehicle production rate of 450,000, so it should come as no surprise that Tesla now considers the site as its main export hub.

Tesla recently launched a standard range version of the Model Y in China. Deliveries of these eco-friendly people-carriers are expected to roll out next month.

At the moment, you can’t buy the Model Y in Europe. This could soon change thanks to Giga Shanghai, with Tesla looking to start deliveries in Q3.

Want more Tesla news? Earlier today we covered the automakers Autopark feature.

Tesla making its base of export operations in China is telling. Sales have dropped in July for the popular automaker but are expected to increase as we head deeper into the year. What do you think of the Model Y variants?

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