Tesla Semi Truck Nearing Production? Apparently So

The Tesla Semi was announced all the way back in November of 2017 and has faced countless delays since.

American automaker Tesla created a shockwave in the delivery market when it announced its electrified semi-truck back in 2017.

The Tesla Semi was expected to disrupt the status quo of the market fully around 2019 with its official launch. Only it’s 2021, and Tesla has yet to roll out a single Semi.

Now we hear that the all-electric Class 8 truck is closing in on production, according to recent reports and rumours. If accurate, the Tesla Semi could really provide a boost to the automaker’s current lineup — perhaps alongside the release of its notorious Cybertruck.

So, what are the rumours?

Teslarati, and other publications are citing a range of sources, the most notable being a series of Tweets from Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt:

Tesla began posting jobs related to the Tesla Semi around the same time as Merritt’s Tweets. Then, shortly after, Trip Chowdhry, the Global Equities Research analyst, stated that Tesla Semi production was “firming up.”

Business really began to pick up when the company held its Q4 and FY 2020 Earnings call. Attached was an update letter stating that it was excited to deliver the Semi to customers by the end of 2021.

Some reports suggested Tesla was constructing the Semi’s production line in Nevada, close to the automaker’s gigafactory. Other rumours pin Austin, Texas, as the location for the Tesla Semi’s production facility.

According to a report from Electrek, inside sources have confirmed that the Semi’s drive axle production line is good to go, with the general assembly line undergoing final debugging.

Sawyer Merritt would Tweet again in relation to the Tesla Semi at the end of June, confirming the progress made on the truck despite Jerome Guillen’s departure:

We understand that rumours are rumours — and Tesla certainly has no shortage of those. But there’s enough evidence here to convince us otherwise. Don’t act too surprised if the American brand comes out with an official announcement soon.

Just remember you heard it here first.

Do you believe Tesla will begin production of its Semi this year? Or is this all hearsay because people want to see the Tesla Semi? Give us your thoughts.

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