Tesla (Once Again) Bumps Up The Price Of Certain Models

This is the seventh price increase in the past year from the popular American automaker

Death, taxes and Tesla raises the prices of its vehicles. These things are certain in life at this point.

The American car company just bumped the price of both the Model 3 and Model Y, increasing both by $1,000.

We should note that it is select versions of these vehicles that have been given a new price point.

With the Model 3, it’s the Long Range version that has received the price increase. The four-door saloon started the year at $46,990, now it sits at the $49,990 mark.

The Long Range version of the Model Y has a new price slapped on too. You’ll now need to fork out $53,990 for the electric SUV (this ride started the year at $49,990).

It was only last month that the Model Y received a $1,000 increase after several $500 jumps.

Furthermore, Tesla had originally listed the estimated delivery time for the Long Range Model Y, citing an October release. This has since disappeared from the site.

Why is Tesla increasing its prices?

Multiple factors are in play. For starters, part shortages have made it difficult for the automaker to meet demand head-on. It’s a problem that has rippled throughout the electric market.

Tesla increasing the price of long-range versions of these sustainable rides is telling. These vehicles aren’t the same as their standard range counterparts and therefore require slightly more care and attention.

Those looking to purchase a Tesla anytime soon might want to make a purchase soon, just in case the carmaker decides to bump it up once again.

In other Tesla news, Elon recently said via Twitter that Tesla will open its Supercharger network to all.

Do you think the automaker could increase the price of its range before the year is over? We want your thoughts.

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