Self-Driving To Another Level: Tesla’s New EV To Have No Steering Wheel?

Tesla is currently working on a $25,000 compact car, a car that will feature no steering wheel in line with the automaker’s self-driving goals.

Tesla Car With No Steering Wheel
A sneak peak at the potential future of Tesla vehicles? © Credit to Tesla

It’s no secret that Tesla, the groundbreaking EV-automaker, is looking to bring a compact car to market in the near future. A vehicle that will cost significantly less than what you might expect ($25,000).

Well, now we know a little more. In a recent meeting, CEO Elon Musk shared a few key details about the vehicle, the most notable being it will feature no steering wheel or pedals.

The EV would rely only on Full Self-Driving, putting the controls in the hands of the car itself.

A cheap Tesla in its own right is enough to generate interest, but one that’s completely autonomous? That’s a different question entirely.

Tesla initially revealed an image with no steering wheel or pedals back in 2019, stating that it would release a vehicle just like it within two years.

It looks like Tesla is keeping its promise.

Musk also clarified that the upcoming vehicle would not be named the “Model 2” as many had theorised.

Furthermore, it was made clear that the low price point will be achieved thanks to Tesla’s new battery cell/manufacturing strides, which would reduce battery costs by over 50%.

According to Electrek, Tesla is eyeing a 2023 release date for the vehicle, despite reports suggesting that production could begin imminently.

Is the world ready for an EV with no steering wheel or pedals? Tesla seems certain, apparently. But what do you make of all this? Leave us a comment below.

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