Telsa Model Y AWD with 4680 Cells Now Available

The American automaker has added the new configuration to its online inventory, and it’s cheaper than other models.

tesla model s driving
Will you be investing in the Model Y AWD? © Credit to Tesla

Those on the fence about buying the Model Y might want to take another look as the US automaker has added a number of copies with all-wheel drive to its online inventory.

Tesla announced its proprietary 4680 battery cells a few years ago at Battery Day. CEO Elon Musk noted shortly before the festivities that the cells wouldn’t appear in vehicles for some time.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Tesla from producing the cells on a pilot line in order to perfect new manufacturing techniques so that they can start implementing them in more vehicles.

The Kilowatts was one of the first outlets to report on the new configuration:

We should point out that the updated configuration is cheaper than other versions, but it does offer less range. For context, the 2170 cells version can travel 330 miles, whereas the 4680 cells version can only go 269 miles.

Still, it’s $2,000 cheaper, which could be the catalyst in getting many potential drivers off the aforementioned fence they’re sitting on at the moment.

Many had predicted that when the first Tesla Model Y crossovers were delivered out of Giga Texas, the brand’s latest factory, that they would feature a new battery pack and 4680 cells. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

This isn’t the first time that Tesla has offered a version of the Model Y with 4680 cells. In the past they have offered this version locally for a limited amount of time, meaning it’s likely that this current window is only open for a short time.

While there are very few 4680-cell Model Y crossovers in the wild, Tesla’s Senior VP of Powertrain Drew Baglino has already put about 10,000 miles on his personal copy, much to the dismay of many drivers looking to get their hands on one.

It might be a long while before this window of opportunity opens again, and that’s without mentioning the difficulty of buying one in this current window. Will you be trying for one?

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