Tesla Launches New Subscription-Based Self-Driving Service

Prices range from $99 to $199 a month depending on your current Autopilot package.

  • Service is only available for Tesla vehicles with Full Self-Driving computer 3.0 or higher.
  • Vehicles with enhanced Autopilot will need to pay a higher fee, and those with an older FSD can upgrade to 3.0 but will need to pay $1,500.
  • The service would generate recurring revenue for the company moving forwards.

Tesla has finally launched its Full Self-Driving (FSD) driver assistance system in the US — a service that was announced by Elon Musk late last year.

That’s right, Tesla is driving into Netflix territory. Only the carmaker’s approach is a lot more practical and the next logical step in the future of driving.

The service gives customers the option to access Tesla’s advanced driver assistance software. You need to own a vehicle with Full Self-Driving computer 3.0 or above. However, you can upgrade to the new hardware, but it will cost you $1,500.

Usually, Tesla owners would need to pay $10,000 to upgrade to FSD. This subscription model makes accessing FSD a lot simpler and will no doubt prove successful amongst the automaker’s core base.

The American EV-maker has reiterated that the current features “do not make the vehicle autonomous,” meaning drivers will still need a firm hand at the wheel.

The FSD service is only eligible to drivers in the US at this time, but a global launch would surely be in the pipeline should this service take off in the States.

Tesla hopes its subscription service will generate recurring revenue and expand its customer base, giving users access to high-end features. High-end features include lane changing on highways and parking assistance.

In other Tesla news, the automaker recently revealed it has around 80,000 backlogged orders for its Powerwall.

Service-based EV models could become commonplace. NIO’s battery-swap initiative and Tesla’s FSD service are just the beginning. Will you be subscribing to Tesla’s new service?

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