Tesla Launches Its First Supercharging Station In Southeast Asia

Could this be the first of many Southeast Asia stations to join Tesla’s growing Supercharging network? All signs point to yes (in time).

EV charging continues to be one of the major talking points amongst onlookers/owners, more so whenever Tesla is involved.

The American automaker has an entire network of charging stations employed in North America, China and Europe. Only now we’ve heard they’ve opened its first Supercharging station in Southeast Asia — at Orchard Central in Singapore, to be precise.

Thanks to Tesla’s Country Manager, Christopher Bousigues, we can see that the Supercharging station consists of three V3 (250 kW) stations, available to drivers 24/7.

It might seem like a small leap, but the American automaker is clearly going for a slow and steady approach, given there is a low demand for the service at the moment. That being said, business is bound to pick up as countries continue a path away from combustion types.

Like its name suggests, Tesla’s Supercharging network looks to revolutionise how you’d normally fuel/top up your vehicle. According to the automaker: “The goal of the Supercharger network is to enable freedom of travel for Tesla owners at a fraction of the cost of gasoline.”

According to InsideEvs, at the end of Q1, there were around 2,700 stations, with about 25,000 charging stations deployed around the world.

Last week Tesla CEO, Elon Musk replied to a Tweet, confirming the automaker’s plans to make its Superchargers stronger (300kW).

Supercharging of this kind will benefit the large battery capacity vehicles, like the upcoming Cybertruck that is sure to divide opinions when released (like it hasn’t already).

You could say that Tesla has the entire EV market on lock, from vehicles to charging. But what do you make of the automakers Supercharging network? And is this simply the first of many stations to open in Southeast Asia?

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