Tesla Cybertruck Production Delayed (To 2022)

The American automaker has hinted at a delay in production for quite some time now. Now we know it won’t be ready until next year at the earliest.

Cybertruck in desert
Tesla have been coy about formally announcing a delay to its Cybertruck © Credit to Tesla

A New Online Footnote

Tesla’s polarising electric truck has divided opinions since its initial reveal back in 2019. Many took the angular vehicle as a mere concept that wouldn’t make it to market.

Still, Tesla said it would be out by the end of 2021, which now looks unlikely given the new footnote found on the Cybertruck order page.

It reads as follows:

“Full refundable. You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022.”

We should state that this applies to all Cybertruck variants, even though the automaker said that we’d be seeing the Dual Motor/Tri-Motor later this year.

Model Y Production Is First Up

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had warned of challenges that would affect bringing the Cybertruck to a production stage.

He said this back in January, in a conference call following the release of the EV brand’s Q4 2020 earnings.

Here is the exact quote:

“If we get lucky, we’ll be able to do a few deliveries toward the end of this year, but I expect volume productions to begin in 2022.”

Tesla’s Cybertruck is to be manufactured at its Gigafactory Texas site, as stated in the companies’ Q2 2021 financial results from last month.

Model Y production is expected to roll out in the same location by the end of this year, making it highly unlikely that Cybertruck production occurs at the same time given its requirements.

Pre-orders for the Cybertruck are currently in the millions, as we reported last week.

Electric Truck Delays Across The Board

Tesla isn’t the only automaker to be hit with delays.

Electric truck startup Rivian recently pushed back the production of its R1T eco-friendly pickup, shifting the date from July to September.

Lordstown Motors is another brand that has struggled to get its electric pickup off the ground.

Whoever can bring an electric pickup to market first gets the bragging rights and a significant edge over the competition.

Tesla being first out of the gate would have given the automaker the upper hand over the likes of GM, who expects to deliver an electric Hummer by the end of the year.

Ford is also in the race with its F150 Lightning, an EV it hopes to launch next year.

Have you pre-ordered the Cybertruck? If you have, what do you think of this production delay? Were you expecting it, or are you surprised?

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