Tesla Cybertruck: New Origami-Like Windshield And Dash Shown In Patent

Just last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk assured buyers that the production-ready version would be similar to the original prototype from 2019.

Cybertruck Patent
Take a good look at this Tesla patent © Credit to Patentscope

Origami-Like Windshield

Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck will either be a complete success or an unmitigated failure. Either way, Elon Musk is just glad to work on something so futuristic in the electric vehicle space.

And who could deny Tesla of that achievement, given how different this truck looks compared to what we have today.

It’s different, but perhaps we didn’t think it would be this different judging by this new patent. The patent titled: “Automotive Glass Structure Having Feature Lines and Related Method of Manufacture” covers an alternate way to form glass structures fitting for a vehicle of this kind/design.

“The first glass structure 602A may represent a windshield positioned on the vehicle and formed according to the techniques described herein. In some embodiments, the first glass structure 602A may be multi-layer… Thus, the first glass structure 602 A may have feature lines (e.g., facets) 606A-606B. As an example, these feature lines 600A-600B may have radii of curvatures of between 2 mm and 5 cm. In some embodiments, the feature lines 600A-600B may represent an angle of between 45-60 degrees, or 50-75 degrees, and so on.”

The patent touches on the Cybertruck directly, describing how it’s possible to craft a windshield with aggressive feature lines. All of this only adds to the uniqueness of the edgy truck. But you didn’t need us to tell you that.

A Universal Method

It’s not just the outside that this method can be applied to either. According to the patent, you can also craft other details, such as the dashboard of the Cybertruck. This is surprising for a number of reasons, but it also has our imagination running on overtime.

Cybertruck Dashboard Patent A new dash for a new breed of vehicle © Credit to Patentscope

A change like this has multiple benefits, the most notable being the extra level of protection the vehicle has. Using a film later made from folded glass would only add to the durability of the dash, meaning it wouldn’t shatter on impact should you ever crash.

“The glass dash 702 may be formed according to the techniques described above. For example, the glass dash 702 may be formed as described in Figure 2. Thus, a single layer of glass may be used and locally heated to form the feature line 704. In some embodiments, a film or layer may be positioned below the glass dash 702. For example, the film or layer may be used to present a visual design and/or may be used to ensure the glass does not shatter (e.g., a safety or security film).”

This Is The Final Design

The possibilities are seemingly endless if this patent is a sign of what’s to come. Moreover, we can easily see Tesla incorporating this method into other vehicles in its lineup.

It might influence the shape of future Models, too.

Just imagine what a Model 3, complete with alternate windows similar to the Cybertruck, would look like.

As far as the Cybertruck is concerned, its design has already been finalised ahead of its highly-anticipated release in the coming months. Date-wise, we know that Tesla could bring the Cybertruck to its beta stage by the end of the year.

We recently reported that production on the Cybertruck is, in fact, delayed. Production on the vehicle is likely to begin at the companies Giga Texas site at some point next year.

In your own opinion, could this method be used in other Tesla vehicles? Give us your take in the comments below. We’d love to hear it. In the meantime, check out the above video of the Cybertruck in New York.

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