Tesla’s Cybertruck Has Over 1.25 Million Pre-Orders Total

Thanks to an unofficial reservation tracker, we can see pre-orders for Tesla’s forward-thinking Cybertruck in real-time.

Two years since the electric pickup’s unveiling, and still it continues to divide opinions.

Will it flop? Will it succeed? Will it spawn other vehicles like it?

These are all questions we’re seeing on a daily basis online.

We’re obviously talking about Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck — a vehicle that looks like it’s driven here from the future to warn us of something à la John Connor.

The Cybertruck has even had RC cars made in its image, and it’s not even out yet (an RC car that sold out instantly).

Thanks to an online reservation tracker made by die-hard Tesla fans, we can track pre-orders of the upcoming truck.

Last week, the automaker picked up more than 17,000 orders for the Cybertruck, which brings its total to more than 1.25 million at this moment in time.

To put this into perspective, pre-order numbers like this would equate to $79 billion (roughly £56.8 billion) in revenue for the American EV juggernaut.

It’s a crazy number for a crazy truck, one that could flop according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk (not that he cares):

Although impressive, we must note that these are unofficial numbers and aren’t concrete. Still, anything close to the one million mark would make its electric pickup the king of truck mountain.

That being said, other contenders have amassed a decent number of pre-orders too. Ford’s F-150 Lightning, for example, has reached 120,000 pre-orders, and it was only announced two and a half months ago.

You have to wonder how Tesla would meet such demand in terms of production. The automaker has struggled to meet deliveries in the past due to part shortages.

Moreover, the company recently announced that it would be crafting its Model Y crossover first at its Giga Texas site — the location that was meant for Cybertruck production.

Speaking of production, we have yet to hear when Tesla will begin rolling out its Cybertruck. However, Elon has said that low-volume manufacturing would begin by the end of this year.

Mass production would begin next year at some point.

Will Tesla’s Cybertruck be an electric flash in the pan, or will it defy expectations once market-ready? We want your take.

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