Tesla Confirms Reduced Energy Capacity Of New Model S

Changes to energy capacity benefit the Model S in the long run, don’t worry.

  • These changes to energy capacity of the new battery pack will not affect range at all.
  • The updated Model S will use Tesla’s new powertrain under its Palladium program.

Anticipation for the updated Model S continues to build, despite the delays.

Dare we say it’s the EV to watch at the moment?

Tesla has confirmed that it has reduced the energy capacity of the new battery pack found in the next iteration of the Model S.

This might sound bad at first, but it still has increased range over previous versions of the popular liftback sedan. This is due to the efficiency of an updated powertrain.

The new Model S sports a brand new powertrain as part of Tesla’s Palladium program.

What is this program?

According to Electrek, Palladium is a secret project that looks to build new production lines for updated versions of upcoming Tesla rides. Rides that include the new Model S and Model X respectively.

The project is said to involve new battery modules and drive units. In fact, the new powertrain will enable tri-motor configuration, thus increasing performance/efficiency.

So, how do we know the energy capacity of the battery pack has shrunk?

We know because Tesla kinda confirmed a 100kWh capacity (lower than the 104 kWh capacity of the previous version) when talking to MotorTrend.

The EV giant has spoken about keeping battery capacities as an even 100 kWh in the past. There are exceptions to the rule — for example, the Cybertruck are expected to have higher capacity packs.

Tesla tops the list of most range/speed lists related to EVs. So it should come as no surprise that they’d want to retain these titles as new Models are released to the public.

We recently covered the popularity of the Model 3 in the UK.

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