Tesla Bumps Up Prices Of Its Model S And Model X

Supply chain costs are most likely the reason for this sudden increase and are the reason for some Model delays.

Some slight bad news if you’re thinking of buying a Tesla anytime soon. The American EV company has released a $5,000 price increase for the base versions of its Model S and Model X vehicles.

This should come as no surprise to those following Tesla in recent months. Supply chain costs have hindered the companies delivery/production plans, which in turn put them in a bind.

You might have noticed already, but the Model 3 and Model Y are priced differently compared to last year.

News of this recent price increase was done so quietly, with Tesla simply updating its site with the new amounts.

Last month, Tesla began rolling out deliveries of the updated Model S, starting with the new Plaid top performance version. A version that also jumped up in price (a $10,000 jump, to be specific).

Anyway, the companies Model S has gone from $79,990 to $84,990 for the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range version, while the Plaid, which comes with faster acceleration and higher top speed, still starts at $129,990.

And then you have the Model X, which now starts at $94,990, an EV that Tesla hasn’t even begun delivering yet (new version).

No confirmation from Elon Musk’s company, but based on recent practices, those who have already placed orders should see no changes to their orders.

In other Tesla news: Elon confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming Cybertruck will have rear-wear steering and won’t change all that much from the preliminary versions we’ve already seen.

Furthermore, the company set some impressive Q2 delivery records recently.

What do you think of these price increases for the Model S and Model X? Does this change put you off buying one of these vehicles? Give us your opinion.

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