10 Tesla Accessories That Every Driver Needs

Did you know there are a bunch of Tesla accessories out there for you to pick and choose from?

Sure, Tesla’s come fairly well equipped as standard. But there’s always room for accessories. Accessories that will only add to the feeling of driving around in some of the best EVs on the market currently.

All of the Tesla accessories mentioned in this post can be found on the official Tesla store. With that in mind know that not all of these accessories will be in stock when you go look.

At that point you have the option to either wait until they come back in stock, or look elsewhere. While they might be cheaper, do try to avoid poorly made electric car accessories. A shoddy roof rack, for example, could lead to all sorts of problems.

Disclaimer: E4TP has received no financial incentive to write this post either.

All of the cool car accessories mentioned here were chosen by us and us alone.

Oh, and the list of Tesla accessories you’re about to see is in no particular order. So sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and read away at your own leisure.

Tesla key fob inside of the vehicle Not a toy, but another way to unlock your Tesla © Credit to Tesla

Model 3/Y Key Fob

What Is It? An alternative to opening/locking your Tesla
Price: £150

At first glance the Model 3/Y Key Fob just looks like a Hot Wheels toy. It’s about the right size and the design is very similar to the Model 3.

It goes without saying, but you might want to keep this out of the little ones. You see this is a key fob, a device that connects to your vehicle to make life just a little bit easier when opening doors and locking up.

The asking price might seem a little steep at first (£150), but it’s more than worth it, in our opinion. Especially when you consider the standard way of unlocking your vehicle.

Using your phone to open your car just doesn’t have the same feeling as prompting it yourself. Which is the reason why so many Tesla drivers already have this little fob in their pocket.

In short, automatic door opening is cool and all, but you can’t beat a good fob.

A product image of the Gen 3 Wallcharger A rival to Wallbox, most definitely © Credit to Tesla

Gen 3 Wall Connector

What Is It? A powerful home charger that rivals the best of them
Price: £449

Tesla’s Gen 3 Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses, apartments, hospitality properties, and workplaces. It’s definitely tied with Wallbox in terms of what the best option is for electric vehicle owners.

That being said, Tesla’s range of electric chargers are a cut above the rest — especially for Tesla owners.

This Tesla accessory can add up to 71km of range per hour of charging. It also runs 7.3m in length which is more than ideal.

While not on the same level as the brand’s SuperCharger, the Gen 3 Wall Connector will help get you where you need to go with complete convenience.

Before you buy… The Gen 3 Wall Connector will need to be installed by a qualified electrician for it to work. If you want it installed, you have one of two options:

  1. Find an electrician yourself
  2. Use Tesla’s dedicated electrician page

And then if you need anymore help, on the Tesla site you’ll find a range of installation videos and manuals.

A dog sat inside a Tesla Pet Paradise: Comfortable and not a rogue hair in sight © Credit to Tesla

Model S/3/Y Pet Liner

What Is It? A way to prevent animal hair getting everywhere
Price: £120

Have pets that you like taking places but don’t want to put them in a carrying cage?

Introducing Tesla’s Pet Liner, a quilted fleece that wraps around the backseat of the Model S, 3, and Y (sorry X drivers). Like the key fob, the pet liner might seem a tad expensive, but it’s more than worth it if you care about the messes animals could make.

But what are you getting with the pet liner?

The pet liner is a three-piece set, featuring a durable water-resistant hammock-style liner and two door protectors to ensure that your backseat is free of dirt, hair and drool.

This is definitely one of the cooler car accessories, but we understand that it won’t be for everyone. After all, not everyone has a dog. Still, this is a lot different to your standard pet blanket.

The material used here provides maximum carseat protection, and is incredibly comfortable. Your pooch will feel like it’s in paradise!

An iPhone charging in a Tesla wireless holder Giving your phone some juice has never been easier © Credit to Tesla

Model S/X Wireless Phone Charger

What Is It? A way to keep your phone juiced up on the road
Price: £120

In case you haven’t clicked on, a lot of Tesla’s products on its accessories page are exclusive to certain EVs in the lineup. Take this wireless phone charger for example. A charger that is compatible with the Model S and Model X only.

To use this wireless phone charger, you’ll first need to unscrew and remove the existing phone dock and then attach this one using the appropriate cables. Once plugged in, simply place your phone in the dock and the grips on either side will hold it in place and begin charging the phone!

The charger will fit phones with cases up to 165mm tall, 80.5mm wide, and 11.9mm thick. Anything bigger won’t fit, unfortunately.

The dock provides up to 7.5W of power meaning it shouldn’t take too long to charge your phone. For more information on how this electric car accessory works, check out the various user manuals on the Tesla site.

There you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to fit this wireless phone charger.

This is definitely one of those gadgets that falls into the cool car accessories category, that’s for sure.

You will need a Qi-enabled smartphone for this to work by the way. If your phone doesn’t have this level of functionality, then it won’t charge.

A close up of a Model 3 with illuminated door seals For Tesla owners looking to add an extra layer of luxury © Credit to Tesla

Illuminated Door Seals

What Is It? Lights that add an additional layer of style to your Tesla
Price: £220 (£200 for Model Y)

Just when you thought your Tesla couldn’t get more stylish! Tesla accessories like its range of illuminated door seals make riding around in style a lot more satisfying.

Sure, adding lights to door sills with the model name on it might not seem like much. But it’s the little things in life that bring us joy. Each sill is activated by a magnetic switch and is powered by a long-lasting battery with LEDs for a seamless installation.

That’s right, you can install these door seals yourself, and it won’t take you that long either!

Every door seal includes:

  • Illuminated Door Sills (x2)
  • Magnetic Switches & Installation Templates (x2>
  • Pry Tool (x1)
  • Sills Installation Indicator (x1)
  • Gloves (x1)
  • Alcohol Wipes (x2)

One of the only things letting this electric car accessory down is the fact that you can’t apply custom lettering on the seals. Having the model written on there is only beneficial to those who forget what type of car their driving.

We’re nitpicking here, but it’s something we’d like to see in future for sure. And you’d have to imagine many Tesla drivers would be willing to pay for such a thing.

There’s money on the table here Tesla, come pick it up!

A Tesla transporting two bikes via a bike rack Bike enthusiasts, this electric car accessory is for you © Credit to Tesla

Model X/3 Bicycle Carrier

What Is It? A way to carry bikes when out and about without worry
Price: £423

Cyclists, this Model X/3 Bicycle Carrier is more of a requirement than a mere suggestion. More-so if you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of out-of-town cycling.

Like the previous Tesla accessory, this bicycle carrier is for the Model X and Model 3 only. Which should come as no surprise given the shape and strength of these EVs.

For Model 3 owners, Tesla also sells a roof rack fit for bikes if you’d prefer placing them there rather than behind the vehicle. It’s slightly more expensive, but it might be more to your liking?

Anyway, back to the Model X/3 Bicycle Carrier.

This bike carrier can fit two bikes total and has a max cargo weight of up to 54kg. This should be more than enough to haul even the heaviest of electric bikes. That being said, you should always check the weight of these bikes.

Exceeding the weight limit will cause problems, and the last thing you should want are your bikes coming off the back of this thing while you’re driving.

The aluminium frame is easily assembled, and comes with lockable storage and cushioned holders. There’s also theft locks and frame protection that should keep your bikes nice and safe when you’re all parked up.

A coat hanging on a Tesla coat hook Tesla’s coat hooks aren’t built like the cheap ones you find © Credit to Tesla

Coat Hooks

What Is It? How you can keep smart clothing tidy when on the move
Price: £45

Not all of the best Tesla accessories need to be technology focused. Take a look at these coat hooks for the perfect example.

Tesla’s coat hooks are very easy to attach and are incredibly durable. It’s why we’re recommending them to you despite the £45 price tag.

Yes. There are a bunch of coat hooks out there. But need we remind you about what we said regarding cheap electric car accessories?

Not all of them are as durable and are guaranteed to break after a while. These coat hooks have been built by the brand actually building the vehicles they’re intended for.

Go figure.

Every pack comes with two coat hooks with buyers having the choice between black or white in terms of colour. Which you choose will typically come down to the colour of your Tesla.

The black goes really well with a red vehicle and the white blends really nicely with a black vehicle. These are just my opinions by the way.

Go with whatever colour you want, as long as you pickup this Tesla accessory for yourself!

A pair of shoes in a Model Y truck bin Keep your boot clean with this next EV accessory © Credit to Tesla

Model Y Truck Storage Bins

What Is It? Bins that keep your Model Y’s boot clean and tidy
Price: £73

Look in the boot area of any Model Y and you’ll find the perfect little spot to place your shoes, tools, or anything else that will fit in this little gap. Placing any item in these little pockets is an option, but then you risk making a mess if they aren’t clean.

Enter the Model Y Truck Storage Bins. These handy rubber bins help keep your truck organised and clean. They fit seamlessly into these gaps, blending in with the rest of the interior.

We know what you’re thinking:

Is it just the bins you get or is there something else?

All Model Y Truck Storage Bins come with two carpeted lids to help expand the space inside, and ensure that any muddy or mucky items are kept well out of the way of other things you might have in the boot.

Tesla medical kit and all its contents Never underestimate the benefits of a quality med kit © Credit to Tesla

Roadside Safety Kit

What Is It? A kit that every Tesla driver should have handy
Price: £67

When we think of cool car accessories, or Tesla accessories generally, the last thing we think of is safety. Which ought to change considering what could happen when you’re out and about.

This is why we’re giving Tesla’s Roadside Safety Kit a place in this list of the best Tesla accessories.

The best way to think of this Tesla accessory is to think of it as a high-end first aid kit, as that’s exactly what it is. Inside you’ll find a bandages of all shapes and sizes, dressings, cleansing wipes, adhesive tape, vinyl gloves, scissors and a first aid manual.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s what else is included:

  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Warning Triangle
  • Emergency Blanket

All of the items found within the kit are organised in individual expandable pockets. It’s quite deceiving to look at on its own. Open it and you’ll see otherwise.

A Tesla tire with a snow chain equipped The power to tackle even the harshest of conditions © Credit to Tesla

Model 3 Snow Chain (20″ Performance)

What Is It? A way to traverse snowy conditions with ease
Price: £390

Last on our list of the best Tesla accessories every driver needs will apply to drivers living in areas prone for bouts of white weather. These König K-Summit K34 Snow Chains provide excellent traction when out in certain conditions.

With no complex attachments, the design simply requires one fixing point on the outer side of the drive wheels. This makes it incredibly easy to attach and detach the chains. Do keep in mind that these particular chains have been pre-configured for the 20″ wheels on the Model 3.

If the wheels of the Model 3 aren’t 20″, then Tesla does sell 18″ and 19″ versions which are a lot different visually. Don’t let appearances fool you. Both sets will do the trick.

The set itself incdludes one pair of chains for two wheels. Drivers should ensure that the chains are only installed on the rear wheels of the Model 3’s tires.

There are rules to driving a Tesla out in the snow, as you can imagine. The American automaker recommends that drivers do not exceed more than 30mph with the chains on.

Drive carefully guys.

Tesla Accessories: Some Honourable Mentions

You don’t go making a list of the best Tesla accessories without having to trim the list down from a much larger group. This list actually went through multiple versions before we settled on the one you see above.

But rather than not mention these accessories at all, we’ve decided to rattle them off rapid fire style in a separate section. So without any further adieu, here are the Tesla accessories that didn’t make the cut but are still worthy of your attention:

  • Car Covers (Cost Varies): Thermoplastic Polyurethane covers that fit your vehicle like a glove. Tesla offers a range of these covers for most of the vehicles in its lineup. They’re always black and feature the notorious Tesla ‘T’ logo on the front.
  • Model 3/Y Garage Opener (£270): A way for Tesla drivers to open their garage door/gate system with ease. Like the Gen 3 Wall Connector, someone will need to come fit this for you.
  • Model 3 All-Weather Floor Liners (£200): Made from a thermoplastic elastomer material, these floor liners ensure maximum protection and an easy cleanup. They’re a cut above your standard floor mat.
  • Wheel Locks (£45): This Tesla accessory is perfect for protecting the wheels on your vehicle. This kit is very easy to use and performs like regular lug nuts typically would.
  • Wiper Blades (£21): Spare wiper blades for your Tesla is always good to have. After all, you can never be too sure when you need to swap them out.
  • Mud Flaps (£35): Like the previous Tesla accessory mentioned, mud flaps are great to have for convenience. These guards will protect your vehicle from sand, mud, and debris.

10 Tesla Accessories That Every Driver Needs

Expect this list of Tesla accessories to change as time goes on. The brand has a habit of innovating in various aspects of the business, electric car accessories included.

The cost of these accessories might baffle some, but if you own a Tesla, then you know that quality is all-but guaranteed when you choose to go with them for all of your electric driving needs.

It just makes sense to buy direct from Tesla when you know what they’re selling is better than everything else on the market!

We hope you’ve found something worth buying today. A new cool car accessory perhaps?

We’d recommend everything on the list but if we had to choose one Tesla accessory over the rest it would have to be the fob. Again, we like the ease of use you get by connecting your phone to your EV.

Theres’s just something about prompting your car to open by hand that gives us so much satisfaction.

Do you agree with our list of the best Tesla accessories? If you don’t, be sure to let us hear it on social media.

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