Swytch Kit? Get The Complete E Bike Kit Lowdown!

Turning any bike into an electric bike, that’s the dream. But what if we told you it’s entirely possible to do just that using something known as a Swytch Kit?

That’s right, any bike, from any year, as long as it’s in decent condition, can be turned into a bonafide electric steed with the power to take you pretty far.

You might have seen one of their ads on YouTube and think you know everything there is about the Swytch e bike kit.

We’re here to tell you that ain’t true.

There’s quite a lot to know about the company and its product before you place an order.

Knowledge is power at the end of the day, especially when that power is electrified and strapped to the front of your bike.

Like with any piece of EV tech, there’s some level of care involved.

All things considered, a Swytch bike kit is somewhat of a left-field purchase, considering there are some quality e bikes out there — some below £1000 as shown in our guide.

Here we’ll be covering all of your conversion-based questions in relation to this piece of kit — this includes: how much does a Swytch Kit cost?

We’ll also be looking at Swytch bike kit reviews from real world buyers.

Now, let’s get moving.

How Does The Swytch Bike Kit Work?

It’s a lot easier than you might think.

You can convert any bike into an e bike by switching your front wheel with one they give you, attach the battery pack to the handlebars, and away you go.

That was the TLDR version.

There’s actually a lot more to it than that.

Understand that the Swytch is an electric bike conversion kit that acts as a booster of sorts. Like most electric bikes, you need to start peddling for it to work.

As you apply pressure, a pedal sensor detects/monitors your current speed. This sends a signal to the power pack located on the front of the bike (you can’t miss it).

The lithium-ion pack then determines the right amount of power required, which sends a signal to the front wheel, causing it to kick in and start moving on its own.

Still with us?

When riding, you can increase the speed (up to 32kph) using the buttons located on the top of the Swytch Kit. There are five-speed options in total, as indicated through a red light, giving you plenty of control when out and about.

250 watts courses through the power pack, turning hills into what feels like level footing with every ride.

This electric bike conversion kit is incredibly compact, consisting of only a few parts:

  • A wheel (customised to fit your own bike)
  • A lightweight battery pack
  • A quick connect handlebar bracket
  • And finally, a universal PAS kit

Practically any bike owner, young and old, should be able to turn their bike into an electric beast.

After all, Swytch has made this bike kit to be as accessible as possible. You don’t need a 30 piece tool kit to set everything up, which means you can get out on the road a lot faster.

Bike With Bike Kit Attached Park life: The best pedal assist kit out right now © Credit to Swytch

Swytch Kit: Why It Was Made

The Swytch Kit was made to be the perfect alternative. Electric bikes can be expensive, which is why Swytch took the opposite route and made a pedal assist kit that is lightweight and affordable.

CTO, Dmitro Khroma says it himself: “Our new improved Swytch Kit is a game-changer. It’s going to totally disrupt the eBike industry because it’s so much lighter, smaller and more affordable than anything else out there.”

Swytch are giving commuters a reason to get their bike out on a morning, overtaking the train or bus; two modes of transport with a bad rep for emissions, as you know.

It’s been beaten to death at this point, and you probably don’t need us telling you this, but cycling is better for the planet. However, standard bikes just aren’t as powerful as some might hope.

If your standard commute involves scaling steep terrain, the last thing you want to do is cycle.

A mentioned above, Swytch’s electric bike conversion kit makes hills look effortless. It’s one of the main reasons this company has gone from an Indiegogo darling to something far more significant in less than five years.

How many other electric bike conversion companies can you name?

We’ll wait.

Furthermore, they’re cutting down the emissions associated with manufacturing this bike conversion kit! only produce 50kg of CO2 compared to the 200kg of other products out there.

“Through converting bikes into eBikes we hope to contribute to a more sustainable transport ecosystem and be part of the bigger picture of combating climate change. Not only are we reducing people’s emissions as they travel, but we’re also reducing the emissions associated with manufacturing the original technology.”

Who Made This Bike Conversion Kit?

The Swytch electric bike was invented by one Oliver Montague, who also happens to be the CEO and co-founder of the company.

After patenting their work, Swytch would take their work to Indiegogo, where they raised over $500,000 from users. The following year (2018), they manufactured 3,000 conversion kits and delivered them to over 45 countries!

In 2019 they recorded $1 million in sales, so you can only imagine how much money they’re sitting on at the moment.

These days, they’re rolling in their own success, despite running low on stock; they can’t make these kits fast enough!

Success stories like this — especially in the electric bike sector — are quite rare. If they stay on their current path, we see no reason why they couldn’t become even bigger, with more products to pick and choose from.

The BBC and Sky have already highlighted their work on TV. Multiple EV outlets have also covered them extensively given the quality/functionality of their product.

This is the first time we’ve mentioned them at E4TP, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Swytch Kit: What Buyers Are Saying

Watch any YouTube review of the Swytch Kit, and you’ll hear nothing but good things.

The average rating on Trustpilot is set at 4.6 stars out of 5. Feedback on their Customer Service is mostly positive, highlighting the speediness of their replies and helpful resolutions to certain issues.

Some buyers have travelled over 300 miles on with the Swytch electric bike kit installed and have yet to see the quality drop.

Reviews like this sum up the majority of those found online:

“I had an awesome experience with Swytch. The kit is fantastic. The Instruction booklets were excellent with a lot of pictures. The support team were also great, helpful and efficient.”

The only real negative we see is the lack of space on the front handlebars for a bike light. The power pack does take up quite a lot of space.

Basically, cycling at night with the power pack installed could prove somewhat of an issue to some.

Another issue is the visibility of the speed light located on the top of the pack. Seeing how fast you’re going in broad daylight can be difficult.

However, most riders should be able to gauge the speed of their bicycle themselves.

This is a minor issue, in our opinion. It’s not like the speed settings don’t work, which would be a much greater issue.

Head over to their site and read some of the Swytch reviews. They tend to be a lot more detailed and include images for reference.

Electric Bike In Fountain Is the Swytch Kit waterproof? You tell us? © Credit to Swytch

Where Can You Buy A Swytch Bike Kit?

The original Swytch Kit sold for around £322 when listed on Indiegogo. Now, the prices have increased tenfold to meet demand. In fact, their home site is completely sold out of both versions of their electric bike conversion kits, as mentioned.

You can sign up to their waiting list, but when you receive your kit is unknown. Amazon is another option, but they tend to offer limited stock too.

The latest versions of these bike kits were priced above £1,000, putting them in the same lane as some cheap e bikes.

Some might consider this price ridiculous given its simplicity, but try to remember each wheel is tailor-made to fit your bike. You’re paying for a custom service that is tailor-made for you and your bicycle.

Seriously, go back and read the previous section on buyer reviews if you’re having doubts.

Buyers usually have two options to choose from, the Universal Swytch Kit and the Brompton Kit.

Universal Kit: The hint’s in the name. Choosing the Universal Swytch allows you to hook up this kit to every bike known to man. Yes, that also includes penny-farthings, as demonstrated in the Swytch’s popular YouTube ad.

Brompton Kit: Brompton bikes are very popular folding bikes; you’ve probably heard of them already? Anyway, the Brompton Swytch pedal assist kit is near identical to the Universal Kit; the only major difference is wheel size.

Why Buy A Swytch Kit Over An Electric Bike?

Why are Swytch’s electric bike kits so popular?

There’s a pretty obvious answer to that question: you can use it to upgrade any bicycle.

Some buyers don’t want to fork out thousands of pounds on a new bike when they might be happy with their current two-wheeler.

You’re familiar with your bike; you know how it rides and how comfortable it. Change is always good, but who said you had to buy a brand new electric bicycle to cycle into the future?

Hooking up a pedal assist kit only adds to the power of your old bike.

And then there’s always the option of simply removing the pack/switching out the front wheel if you’d rather have your old ride back.

You’re familiar with your bike; you know how it rides and how comfortable it. Change is always good, but who said you had to buy a brand new e bike to gain an authentic EV experience?

It’s true, e bikes offer a lot more power compared to pedal assist kits, but they’re also a lot heavier. The power pack on the Swytch electric bike kit only weighs 2kg in comparison, meaning you won’t feel much pull with it locked in on your handlebars.

Standard e bikes do offer regenerative braking, whereas this bike conversion kit doesn’t. Instead, it uses a geared brushless motor with zero drag, allowing you to seamlessly switch between a normal bike and a Swytch Kit bike.

Swytch Kit? Get The Complete E Bike Kit Lowdown!

And there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about a Swytch e bike kit and then some.

Did you find it helpful at all?

Competition in the electric bike lane is always a good thing as it encourages cheaper prices for better products/services.

An electric bike or a Swytch Kit, which you choose, depends entirely on how happy you are with your current pedal bike and if you’re willing to take a risk on an innovative piece of tech.

They made the first generation of kits in 2017 to give you an idea of how far Swytch has come in such a short amount of time.

Will you be making the Swytch? Let us know via social media.

Swytch Bike FAQs

How long does it take to charge a Swytch Kit?

It depends on the charger you use, but most packs require around 2 and a half hours using the ECO charger they sell, or 3 and a half when using the PRO. Another option would be to use their 3A fast charger, which drastically shortens the charge time to 90 minutes.

Why buy a Swytch Bike Kit over an e bike?

This Swytch electric bike kit is is a lot lighter, meaning it’s not as hefty to lug around. Also, a Swytch Kit gives you the chance to turn any bike into an electric powerhouse, too. This allows riders to try out an electric bike that they’re already familiar with.

How fast can a Swytch bike go?

With a Swytch pedal assist kit installed, riders can travel up to 20mph up to 50 miles on each charge. The lightweight design of this e bike kit means that if you run out of charge out in public, you can still pedal without a lot of dead weight.

Is 250 watts enough for an e bike kit?

The weight of the rider will dictate how the battery performs. Lighter riders should have no issues riding with a Swytch’s pedal assist kit attached. Those of you over 15 stone might want to look elsewhere unless you only plan on travelling short distances (e.g. 5-10 miles).

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