Six Figures: Tesla Reveals Price Of Its Megapack

A member of its power family, Tesla launched its Megapack around two years ago.

Unlimited power, that’s virtually what you get when buying Tesla’s Megapack — a commercial/utility-scale energy storage product made for large-scale commercial use.

In other words, it can power decently sized areas in mass — and is more energy-dense than the Tesla Powerpack for reference.

The American automaker has just made the cost of this giant battery known through its website, as spotted by Electrek.

Prices start at $1 million, which might seem steep, but it actually works out better than some of the other large-scale options buyers have at the moment.

We know this as Tesla recently launched an online configurator for the Megapack. Altering the quantity gives you a rough idea of how much it will cost upfront and to maintain.

With 10 Megapacks, Tesla lists a price of $9,999,290, which results in a price per kWh of $327.87.

Keep in mind that this is not as accurate as you might think. After all, this also includes 7.6 MW of power inverters and installation.

Those who can afford the Megapack can get it shipped via containers for site-ready installations.

In terms of application, Tesla has multiple suggestions:

  • Renewable Smoothing: storing/dispatching energy when needed
  • T&D Investment Deferral: Postpone costly grid infrastructure upgrades by supplying power at a set location
  • Voltage Support: Insert and absorb reactive power to maintain local levels on the grid
  • Capacity Support: Discharge at times of peak capacity
  • Microgrid: Establish a localised grid that works separate to the main one

The automaker has supplied multiple sites with its Megapack batteries in the past.

Delivery-wise, Tesla believes it can deliver new Megapack projects in California next year. Other areas will more than likely have to wait until 2023.

Recently, Elon Musk said Tesla’s backlog of Powerwall orders were in the thousands.

What do you think of the Megawhat’s price point? Was this to be expected, or did you think it would cost a lot more? Give us your thoughts.

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