Shell To Install Charging Stations At Multiple Waitrose Locations By 2025

Electric shopping at its finest: 100 Waitrose stores will gain Shell Recharge stations fit with multiple chargers to choose from.

Supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons and Lidl have implemented EV charging in the past at select stores. Now, Waitrose is joining the list.

Multinational energy company Shell is to thank, with plans to install around 800 electric vehicle chargers by 2025.

Each site is expected to have six 22kW (fast chargers) and two 50kW (rapid chargers) charging points, giving eco-friendly drivers the chance to add some juice to vehicles as they do grab groceries.

“This is great news for EV drivers across the UK, knowing they can easily, quickly and reliably charge up at Shell charge points while shopping at Waitrose,” said Bernadette Williamson, general manager of Shell UK Retail.

It’s good news for fans of Waitrose food too. More Shell forecourt shops will sell food from the popular grocer — an increase from 57 to 125 (again, by 2025).

This move will represent Shell Recharge’s move into what it calls “destination charging.” In other words, charging your vehicle while it’s parked in a set location.

“We’re also delighted to bring our customers 800 new charging points for electric vehicles, including new rapid charging capabilities, as the UK moves more and more towards a sustainable transport network.”
— James Bailey, Waitrose executive director.

It is unknown where Shell Recharge plans to open shop next. Still, you’d have to imagine multiple sites/destinations are in the pipeline.

There are 108 Shell Recharge stations located in the UK as it stands, and almost half of them are found in London.

Expect to see the first Shell Recharge station installed at a Waitrose “early next year.”

Do you own an EV and shop at Waitrose? If so, how often would you use this service? Tell us over on our social media channels.

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