SEAT Unveils New Electric Scooter/Moped With Removable Battery

SEAT MÓ’s eScooter 125 is a masterclass in design and functionality, priced at £4,996 after deductions. This electric scooter is ideal for country and city driving and could be a real disruptor in the space.

E Scooter 125
An electric scooter/moped to watch in the coming months © Credit to SEAT

The urban mobility market just received a pretty big boost, thanks to SEAT MÓ and its latest electric offering. Meet the eScooter 125, an electric moped designed with sustainability in mind.

The eScooter 125 is unlike most in that it features a removable battery — the kind that should eliminate any range anxiety one might have.

“SEAT MÓ is our answer to the demands of modern urban mobility. With the UK Government’s 2030 deadline to consider, a two-wheeled electric vehicle is the perfect way to evolve the SEAT offering and move away from the conventional. This is a definitive next step on our electrification journey,” said Richard Harrison, Managing Director of SEAT UK.

Range-wise, SEAT MÓ’s new scooter can travel for up to 85 miles on a single charge with its 5.6kWh battery. It can take between six to eight hours to recharge the battery from home unless you carry another with you. All you need to do is take the drained one out and pop a fresh one in if that’s the case.

There are three modes available here. Riders can switch between City, Sport and Eco at ease. Eco is great at rationing power, with sport doing, pretty much, the opposite.

It comes with a 9kW motor located in the rear wheel, matching the same performance as a 125cc motorcycle. Top speed is set at 59mph, and it can go from 0-31mph in around 3.9 seconds, courtesy of 240Nm of torque.

eScooter 125 LCD Display The LCD display tells you everything from speed to temperature © Credit to SEAT

SEAT MÓ haven’t shied away from including some top of the range features here either. Notable features include:

  • LED daytime lights
  • Central/side stand
  • Under-seat compartment
  • LCD display

Price-wise, the eScooter 125 goes for £4,996 with the UK government’s OLEV EV grant included. You can also take out a hire purchase and pay £95 per month for up to 48 months.

When selecting your own, you can choose between one of three colours (Daring Red, Dark Aluminium, and Oxygen White).

When can you order one? Orders are already open at select SEAT UK retailers.

What do you think? Is the eScooter 125 something you’d be interested in driving? It’s certainly caught our eye. Leave us a comment down below.

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