Ride Away With The Best Electric Bikes Under £2000

Power, range, stability. You get it all when you own an e-bike, especially when looking at the best electric bikes under £2000.

To ride around knowing you have the best e-bike on the market is the ultimate confidence booster. Knowing you have the power to travel far distances — or traverse steep terrain — is reassuring and almost guaranteed when you spend a little more.

Our last guide on the best electric bikes under £1000 went down a treat, so we thought we’d do it again. This time, spotlighting the best electric bikes under £2000 to appeal to a different kind of rider.

Rest assured, the electric bikes we’ll be covering today will change the way you look at assisted cycling.

Some are borderline motorbikes, only a lot cheaper.

Should we dive in and highlight our best finds?

Below you’ll find a mix of electric mountain bikes, electric hybrid bikes and electric folding bikes.

A triple threat, covering most two-wheeler types.

Raleigh Motus Evans Exclusive

UK Price: £1800

Raleigh bikes, name a better company dealing in electric bikes?

The Raleigh Motus in our first spot here is an Evans Bikes exclusive, which tells you a lot from a little before we’ve even broken down its spec.

For those that don’t know, Evans Cycles are one of, if not the largest UK provider of bikes.

Evans list of electric bikes is varied, but the Raleigh Motus is a clear standout and easily one of the best electric bikes under £2000.

The Raleigh Motus is hailed as the “do-it-all” electric hybrid bike, making easy work of long journeys and sharp inclines.

Visually, the lime green colour helps the Raleigh Motus stand out from the crowd — and from some of the other electric bikes under £2000 mentioned below.

E-Bike Spec Overview

The Raleigh Motus is fitted with a powerful/lightweight Bosch motor — a hallmark of a quality e-bike. It’s this electric motor that allows the Motus to navigate concrete jungles with ease.

A 7-speed gear shifter only adds to the level of control you have when out in the open.

Riders have so many options at their disposal when riding this e-bike. Four different riding modes let you ride your way, each optimised for set tasks, be it hill-climbing or travelling at decent speeds.

With this e-bike, you’ll get around 60 miles on a single charge, courtesy of a 300WH battery located on the downtube.

E4TP Says

You’d expect an exclusive bike like this to be a lot higher than £2000. As a hybrid electric bike, the Raleigh Motus gives you a lot of variation in how you ride and where you ride — which is all you could really ask from a motorised steed.

BGB Impala

UK Price: £1799

Looking for something slightly chunkier in our list of the best electric bikes under £2000?

No problem, we have you more than covered with the BGB Impala, a folding electric bike that you need to see to believe.

Get your cameras ready.

Okay, we might be overplaying this electric bike a little, but you can’t deny the impressive nature of the BGB Impala. After all, it’s an e-bike under £2000 that can travel over 100 miles per charge according to the manufacturer (give or take certain riding conditions).

Folding bikes are known commuters, but the BGB Impala takes range to a different level.

E-Bike Spec Overview

Bulky yet packing a hell of a lot of power. This is the only way to describe this electric folding bike to those who need to hear it.

Unlike most electric bikes, Big Game Bikes have opted to place the battery pack underneath the seat, towards the back wheel.

Couriers, the Impala is crying out for you. Trust us.

Placing the pack here gives riders the ability to use the rear cargo racks for max hauling.

Never question the power of this e-bike. It comes with a huge 1,152 Wh lithium-ion battery and a 750w motor.

It’s an elephant of a bike in every way with no loss in speed (25 mph max speed). Unfortunately, this does mean the Impala is heavier than some folding e-bikes, but this was to be expected.

E4TP Says

What is there to say? The BGB Impala is an animal — an animal you can take with you just about everywhere. It only takes around 30 seconds to fold this electric bike up too. The only downside is it takes up to 14.4 hours to charge.

Volt Burlington Legacy

UK Price: £1749

Endless sophistication, the Volt Burlington Legacy is definitely one for classic city bike fans.

It’s a step-through electric bike made from lightweight aluminium. Weight-wise, the Burlington Legacy is one of the lighter two-wheelers available at the moment (20.5 kg without batteries or 23.7 kg with).

It’s obvious just from looking at it. Still, it’s worth stating otherwise: the bike is designed for a more upright, comfortable riding position.

It doesn’t matter how tall you are either, thanks to the fully adjustable quick-release handlebars.

You won’t be able to take it completely off-road, but it should make travelling in urban areas a total breeze — it’s also pretty good at tackling hills.

E-Bike Spec Overview

The Burlington Legacy uses a Panasonic lithium battery (36V), netting you around 60 miles of range on average. Again, weather conditions can affect how far this e-bike can take you — or any two-wheeler mentioned.

Max speed is limited (15.5 mph), which might turn a few of you off this e-bike.

That being said, it only takes three to four hours to charge the Burlington Legacy. That’s pretty fast for an electric bike under £2000 with the power to carry you a fair distance.

We should pinpoint the premium quality of this electric bike as a whole. It comes with Shimano Alivio gears and Tektro Safety “Power Cut” brake levers for total control.

E4TP Says

Practical yet stylish, the Burlington Legacy feels a lot like a throwback ride, updated for the modern-day with electric tech (easily the best compliment we can give it). Looks-wise, it’s easily the prettiest electric bike you’ll find under £2000.

Haibike HardSeven 4 Electric Mountain Bike

UK Price: £1999

An electric mountain bike under £2000 is somewhat of a rare find, depending on the level of quality you’re happy with.

Haibike’s HardSeven 4 electric mountain bike is as agile as it is strong — built for off-road explorers of varying riding levels. It’s one of the best electric mountain bikes on the market right now from a performance standpoint alone.

You can pick this e-bike up on a payment plan from another popular UK seller in Pure Electric if you don’t have the full £2000 ready to spend.

Moreover, buying from Pure Electric comes with a two-year warranty on this electric mountain bike for electric parts and five years for the frame.

In other words, money-conscious buyers, you should have no excuses.

E-Bike Spec Overview

As an electric mountain bike, you should only expect the best from the HardSeven 4, although it does lack in some areas.

Range, for example, is capped at 27 miles, according to the manufacturer. You’d maybe expect a little more from a mountain bike. Still, it’s not billed as a commuter, and therefore is worthy of your consideration. Is it better than an electric dirt bike for off-roading? Probably not.

The Haibike HardSeven 4 has an integrated 400 Wh battery installed — a battery that only takes about four hours to charge fully from flat.

Other features include: an aluminium alloy hardtail cross-country frame with sporty geometry and internal cable routing. Not to mention a 120mm coil-sprung fork for superior comfort.

E4TP Says

Having support like this will encourage riders to tackle new terrain as they grow all the more comfortable with the HardSeven 4. Right now, this electric bike is slightly under £2000 but could jump in price. So it might be worth investing now or risk heartache later.

Giant Roam E+ Hybrid Electric Bike

UK Price: £1999

Meet the Giant Roam E+, another hybrid electric bike that nearly missed out on our best electric bike under £2000 list given its current price.

It might look bulky/heavy, but it’s deceptively light for an e-bike of its size. The Roam E+ is designed around a versatile ALUXX aluminium frame, in case you were wondering.

Furthermore, this e-bike can tackle some light off-roading thanks to a 63mm suspension fork and wider tires.

As we said, it’s a hybrid electric bike, meaning it has multiple uses that aren’t limited to city riding.

In fact, one of the main reasons we’ve included it in our list of the best electric bikes under £2000 is because of its off-roading abilities.

E-Bike Spec Overview

Power is all but confirmed with the Roam E+, as this electric hybrid bike comes with a 400 Wh battery and a Yamaha SyncDrive Core Motor (generating 50Nm of torque).

The battery itself is located on the downtube for easy access. Moreover, it only takes 2.2 hours to charge the pack up to 80%.

According to Giant, the Roam E+ can travel over 90 miles depending on conditions such as the combined weight of the rider/cargo and the weather. On average, you might find you hit the 65-mile mark, which is still pretty good for an electric bike of this kind.

We’ve already mentioned them slightly in passing, but we should also highlight the Giant Crosscut Gravel 2 tires. The width (45mm) and versatile tread allows for a smooth/comfortable ride across roads, gravel or dirt.

E4TP Says

The Giant Roam E+ is the perfect contender for the best all-round electric bike under £2000. Check it out.

It is an e-bike from Giant, after all.

Carrera Crossfuse E Women’s Hybrid Electric Bike

UK Price: £1899

This one is for the ladies.

Carrera, the brand associated with UK retailer Halfords have quite the electric bike to show.

The Carrera Crossfuse E Women’s electric bike is a hybrid that looks like something a tourist would ride in parts of Europe. Only this one is packing quite a lot of heat in the power/range department.

Buyers will have the option of a 17” or 19” inch version, depending on preferences. We like to go for a slightly oversized frame with our e-bikes just to be on the safe side, but you might think differently?

Reviews for this hybrid e-bike all say the same thing: “it’s a joy to ride.”

Safety is also mentioned quite a lot, with buyers highlighting the Crossfuse’s responsive disc brakes.

E-Bike Spec Overview

The countryside won’t know what hit it should you decide to purchase the Carrera Crossfuse E.

We say that because max range of this electric hybrid bike is set to around 80 miles, and the bike looks like something you’d see in a future episode of Emmerdale (a good thing, don’t worry).

The Crossfuse E carries a 400 Wh Bosch power pack battery, paired with a Bosch Active Line centre drive motor. The result is a robust electric bike under £2000 with a hell of a lot of upside.

Like the HardSeven 4, the Crossfuse E comes with a warranty that lasts two years (when buying from Halfords).

E4TP Says

Conquering every commute has never been easier with a hybrid electric bike like this. Carrera are a real dark horse when it comes to e-bikes.

Most seem to write them off as “just that Halfords company” compared to others, but we rate them because of two-wheelers like the Crossfuse Women’s hybrid e-bike.

Raleigh Stow-E-Way

UK Price: £1595

So damn good we had to include them twice.

Raleigh is back again, this time with an electric bike under £2000 to scratch that folding bike itch.

This motorised two-wheeler has been designed to be packed away at a moments notice — as is the case with all foldable bikes. However, from what we’ve seen, the Raleigh Stow-E-Way is a cut above the rest from a quality standpoint.

The Stow-E-Way promotes easy riding with no lapse in comfort regardless of the journey. Still, we wouldn’t recommend you try off-roading with this two-wheeler. Stick to roads/pathways or risk damages.

E-Bike Spec Overview

Look closely, and you’ll find a lightweight TransX motor attached to the Stow-E-Way. Eagle-eyed buyers will also find a 250 Wh TranzX battery (36V) — one that only takes around four hours to charge.

Electric mileage per charge might not be as impressive as the Impala (30 miles). Still, we’re convinced this e-bike will slot right into your day-to-day without worry as long as you aren’t travelling far.

Furthermore, slopes are nothing to the Stow-E-Way thanks to 8-speed Shimano gears.

Trust us. No matter where you go, the Stow-E-Way will have your back.

Our suggestion: take it with you on road trips to countries like France, and enjoy long stretches of flat road that seemingly go on forever.

E4TP Says

We’ve chosen this Raleigh e-bike as it serves as the perfect contrast to the Motus and is one of the cheapest e-bikes you can find on the market that we believe is worth what you pay. Features like handle-mounted power controls and thermoplastic mudguards are great additions.

Why Buy An Electric Bike Under £2000 In 2021?

We’ve made our stance pretty clear in the past when it comes to electric bikes.

Choosing to buy an electric bike in 2021 comes with so many unique applications, as you can imagine.

Those of you who live far from your current workplace might find that owning an e-bike is the best way to commute — and is a lot cheaper than public transport or buying an actual vehicle like a car, for example.

Riders these days have so many e-bike options to pick from these days, not to mention how many outlets now stock these types of power-assisted transporters, too. Seriously, just Google “electric bikes UK” and feast your eyes on the results.

In our opinion, the best electric bikes under £2000 shown above represent the best of the bunch. We say that because they aren’t ridiculously expensive compared to non-electric bikes, and they come decked out in the latest features.

In short, you’ll find e-bikes to be a lot more reliable/efficient than most other forms of transport. Some riders strike a balance between public transport/electric cycling thanks to a folding e-bike.

Furthermore, electric bikes are rather comfortable and can be used to haul heavier goods (at the cost of power, so store wisely).

Seriously, there’s nothing like feeling the wind in your face at high speed as the proud owner of an electric bicycle.

Trust us.

If not now, when?

Understanding Electric Bike Types

Easily the best way of working out which electric bike is for you is to look at the different types you have readily available at the moment.

Understand that every electric bike is virtually the same in how it works. All are powered by a motor and electric batteries.

This doesn’t change. Still, some tech specs are a lot more impressive than others. Range/power is usually dictated by price — yet another reason why we believe our list of the best electric bikes under £2000 holds value to potential buyers.

Cheap electric bikes are great, and all, but the difference between the two is night and day.

Not every two-wheeler fits within the same category. For example, a hybrid e-bike is not the same as an electric mountain bike for obvious reasons despite having similar features/perks.

Here’s an easy way to categorise/decipher these transporters:

  • Hybrid Electric Bikes: Like its name suggests, a hybrid electric bike is seen as a mix of rides all rolled into one. Most allow for a more upright riding position and are used mostly for general purpose riding, but can ride off-road on occasions.
  • Electric Mountain Bikes: Easily the strongest candidate for off-road riding, the electric mountain bike picks up where its standard counterpart left off. Builds for these e-bikes tend to be a lot more durable to handle the great outdoors.
  • Folding Electric Bikes: The perfect travel companion. Having the ability to shrink your e-bike down to carry it with you is helpful for many reasons. Storing this electric bike is a walk in the park, compared to others.

So, which out of the three are you leaning towards?

We like them all.

We’re easy.

In Short: The Best Electric Bikes Under £2000

Some of the best electric bikes out there do push past the £5000 mark. Unfortunately, a high price tag does alienate the majority of buyers.

We’ve found that e-bikes between £2000 and £1000 are more than equipped for the job — as proven with some of our picks above. That being said, there are a handful of electric bikes under £500 that are worth a look.

Cheaper electric bikes tend to limit range/power, but you will find a lot more folding electric bikes when looking at the opposite end of the market.

In other words, it’s not impossible to find a cheap e-bike if you’re looking in the right places.

Still, electric bikes under £2000 tend to find that sweet spot as they tend to have all the same features as pricier two-wheelers, and there’s more of them to choose from.

Electric Bikes Under £2000 FAQs

Are electric bikes expensive?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the two-wheelers you’re looking at. We’ve proven it’s possible to find an e-bike under £500, but the quality of these bikes are limited compared to electric bikes under £2000.

How fast do electric bikes go?

UK law dictates how fast electric bikes go, unfortunately. The fastest electric bike in the UK will always be capped to work around these laws. Most will travel up to 28 mph on average when it comes to speed.

Do you have to pedal with an electric bike?

If an electric bike comes with a throttle, then you probably don’t need to pedal. However, most electric bikes require the rider to pedal first, building enough momentum for the motor to take control and push you independently.

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes are powered by unique motors located in the hub of the rear wheel. Some motors are found between the cranks but will depend on the e-bike you choose. Motors are powered by a chunky battery pack — you’ll find this on the downtube or towards the rear behind the seat just above the back wheel.

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